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Kiel-Holtenau 2005

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Date: 25 June 2005

Made by: Scramble, Peter van Kaathoven, Peter den Ottelander, Harrie Kraaijeveld


80+59			H-34G-III	pres		"80+52"
59+14			Do28D-2		pres

U-481			S61A-5		Esk 722
09 blue			Mi-8T		LithAF/Sraigtasparniu
281			SH-14D		MARHELI
0906			W-3WARM		28.elMW
ZA130/PW-709		S.King HAS5U	771sq
71+43			UH-1H		LTG63
83+15			S Lynx Mk88A	MFG3
89+57, 89+66, 89+68	Sea King Mk41	MFG5
89+65			Sea King Mk41	MFG5		spec mks
88+10	                Bo105P		HFVS910                 
98+90	                NH90-TTH	Eurocopter/NHI  
26+72	                F-104G		MFG2		preserved       
1x	                F-104G		cockpit only            
D-HAND	                Bell 212	BGS Nord        

89+55			Sea King Mk41	MFG5		spec mks

89+50, 89+56, 89+58	Sea King Mk41	MFG5
89+61, 89+63, 89+70	Sea King Mk41	MFG5
89+71			Sea King Mk41	MFG5

In front of hangar:
89+69			Sea King Mk41	MFG5

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