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Leck 1975

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Date: 7 September 1975

Made by:

Updated: 01 October 2013 

35+02             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+08             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+09             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+14             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+17             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+18             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+20             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+26             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+30             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+31             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+32             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+37             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+41             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+54             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+60             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+65             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+67             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+69             RF-4E                        AKG52 
35+70             RF-4E                        AKG52 
33+08             G91R3                        LEKG43 
68-0388/BT        F-4E                         53rd TFS
MM6732/53-01      F-104S                       21°Gr 
104756/756        CF-104G                      439sq 
FX85              F-104G                       31sm
AR-111            S-35XD                       Esk 729
G-270             F-100D                       Esk 727/730 
XV784/D           Harrier GR1                  4sq 
XN727/W           Lightning F2A                92sq

85/12-YF          Super Mystere B2             EC1/12  
BR15              Mirage VBR                   42sm
MM61996/46-10     C-130H                       50°Gr/46°AB 
58+62             DO-28D2                      JBG36 
58+92             DO-28D2                      JBG36
58+77             DO-28D2                      LKG41 
58+82             DO-28D2                      LKG43
58+07             DO-28D2                      AKG51 
57+48             DO-27                        FLSPGR LTG63 
59+78             C-160D                       LTG63 
61+13             Br1151                       MFG3 
89+61             Sea King Mk41                MFG5 
84+10             CH-53G                       HFWS 
73+71             UH-1D                        HFB3 
76+46             SA315                        HFB3 
XP ...            Gnat T1                      4FTS
WJ948/E           Varsity T1                   6FTS


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