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Ramstein 1976

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Date: 8 August 1976

Made by: Willy Metze


68-0382   RS          F-4E                         86TFW/526TFS 
68-0564   ZR          RF-4C                        26TRW 
68-0028               F-111E                       20TFW (BI-CEN MRKS) 
159451    AE210       F-14A                        VF142/CVW6 
159576    AE501       A-6E                         VA176/CVW6 

159657 AE402 A-7E VA87/CVW6 F8346 25+51 F-104G JABOG33 72-1220 38+10 F-4F JABOG35 69-7475 35+28 RF-4E AKG52 D339 30+77 G91R3 WS50 63-12756 R756 F-104G ESK.723 351152 AT152 SK35XD ESK.725/729 56-3870 GT870 F-100F ESK.730 S9062 FX28 F-104G 10EME WG 37 BA37 MIRAGE VBA .. FI6656 D6656 F-104G NO.322/323 SQN K4017 NF-5B NO.314 SQN 104891 891 CF104G 1.CAG/NO.421 SQN 74-01535 35 F-5E 10TRW/527TAFTS XW933 Q HARRIER T.MK.2 NO.3 SQN XX760 AA JAGUAR GR.MK.1 NO.14 SQN XN726 N LIGHTNING F.MK.2A NO.92 SQN XM995 T LIGHTNING T.MK.4 NO.92 SQN XM598 VULCAN B.MK.2 NO.50 SQN 69-0026 C-5A 436MAW 61-0312 KC-135A 305ARW 62-4477 T-39A 7101ABW 63-9816 C-130E 314TAW 66-13562 OV-10A 601TCW/20TASS ??-????? T-29A UUUU 68-15119 CH-54A 295AV.COY 69-6608 UH-1N 67ARRS/DET.1 70-15998 AH-1Q 8AV.BTN. 11x G91PAN 313GRP.AA/FRECCE 564 VO CM170R GI312-PAF 8x CM170R GI312-PAF .. 312-B. N2501 GI312


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