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Neuburg 2001

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Date: 20/21 July 2001

Made by: Scramble, Erik Kamphuis, Robin Polderman, Uli Seibicke


612/33-NJ, 617/33-NO	Mirage F1CR	ER02.033
88/12-YR		Mirage 2000C	EC01.012
MM7164/51-30		AMX		132°Gr
MM7184/51-33		AMX		132°Gr
660			F-16AM		331 skv,  spec c/s
689	                F-16BM		338 skv           
RI-29	                Saab 105Ö	FlRgt3/3  
03	                J35Ö		FlRgt2/1          
C.14-40/14-40		Mirage F1CE	Ala 14
ZD401/30, ZD463/53	Harrier GR7	3sq
ZF288			Tucano T1	1FTS
86-0160/LN, 86-0171/LN	F-15C		493rd FS
2923			MiG-29GT	JG73
3761, 3771, 3809	F-4F		JG74
3839			F-4F		JG74, spec c/s
4354			Tornado IDS	JBG34           
4546	                Tornado IDS	MFG2            
4644	                Tornado ECR	JBG32, tiger c/s
5115	                C-160D		LTG61                   
6109	                Br1150	        MFG3             
7074, 7076		UH-1D	        LTG61            
8707			Bo105P1	        HFR26            
8953	                SeaKing         Mk41	MFG5     
9829	                EF2000	        EADS             
D-IFCC/12		CM170	        ex Navy 9302     
D-IWMS/11		HA200D	        ex SpAF AE.10B-67

Platform cross-servicing:
08			J35Ö		FlRgt2/1, spec c/s
C.14-08/14-08		Mirage F1CE	Ala 14
4566			Tornado IDS	MFG2
3708, 3764, 3797	F-4F		JG74
3817, 3818, 3828	F-4F		JG74

Flying only:
4367, 4406		Tornado IDS	JBG34

QRA Area:
3717, 3848		F-4F		JG74            

Run-up barns:
3806, 3824		F-4F	        JG74            

2921			MiG-29G	        JG73            
3711			F-4F	        JG73	dep 20th
3767, 3781, 3784	F-4F	        JG74            
3800, 3810		F-4F	        JG74            
4331			Tornado IDS	JBG31	dep 20th    
4586	                Tornado IDS	JBG33	dep 20th    
5702	                Do228-212	MFG2	arr/dep 20th
8099	                Bo105M		nn                          
55-4928	                F-86K	        pres as "JD-119"    
"JG74"	                F-86K	        pres barracks       
2357			F-104G	        pres barracks   
2653	                F-104G	        BDR             
75-0633	                F-4E	        BDR             

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