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Rhein-Main 1980

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Date: 11 May 1980

Made by: Scramble


T.12B-71/351-19		C212		SpAF
AE.9-18/211-18		F-5B		SpAF
AR.9-070/211-70		RF-5A		SpAF
GT-019			F-100F		RDAF
RT-682			TF-104G		RDAF
T-404			Saab Supporter	RDAF
K-683			C-47		RDAF
AT-153			Sk35XD		RDAF
108			RF-5A		RNoAF
241			F-5B		RNoAF
637			TF-104G		RNoAF
WV740			Pembroke C1	RAF
XX845			Jaguar T2	RAF
XW764/C			Harrier GR3	RAF
XZ394/CQ		Jaguar GR1	RAF
37+21			F-4F		WGAF
40+45			Alpha Jet A	WGAF
33+13 			G91R		WGAF
35+68			RF-4E		WGAF
20+01			F-104G		WGAF
50+96			C-160D		WGAF
K-4012			NF-5B		RNethAF
D-8258			F-104G		RNethAF
104749			CF-104		RCAF
59-1521			KC-135A		USAF
65-0261			C-141A		438th MAW
66-0166			C-12A		USAF
62-4200			VC-140B		USAF
74-01534		F-5E		USAF
68-0564/AR		RF-4C		USAF
69-6606			UH-1N		USAF
77-0241/WR		A-10A		USAF
74-0642/RS		F-4E		USAF
69-6583			C-130E		USAF
78-0576			E-3A		USAF
71-0881			C-9A		USAF
67-0168			C-5A		436th MAW
62-4461			T-39A		USAF
79-0016/CR		F-15C		USAF
77-0251/WR		A-10A		USAF
68-0379/RS		F-4E		USAF
68-0066/UH		F-111E		USAF
66-7694/TJ		F-4D		USAF
67-14643		OV-10A		USAF
70-1629			CH-53C		USAF
71-20950		CH-47C		USArmy
69-16323		OH-58A		USArmy
69-17001		OV-1D		USArmy
74-22355		UH-1H		USArmy
69-16377		OH-58A		USArmy
67-15687		AH-1S		USArmy
67-15837		AH-1S		USArmy
153432/LE-2		P-3B		VP-11
1125/E red		Saab 105OE	AustrAF
6804			C-130H		PortAF
N3972T			Piper 28	civil
N14493			Ce172		civil

Hangar CH (East side):
FT-38			T-33A		BAF
N1165			Ce172		civil
68-0406/RS		F-4E		USAF
N7233F			Piper 28	civil
N5188F			Ce172		civil

Hangar AH (East side):
69-6607			UH-1N		USAF
O-10654			T-39A		USAF
62-4201			VC-140B		USAF
62-4198			VC-140B		USAF
69-6609			UH-1N		USAF
61-2489			VC-140B		USAF
62-4474			T-39A		USAF

Far side:
69-6608			UH-1N
62-4471			T-39A
66-0023/BT		F-15A		36th TFW
66-0039/BT		F-15A		36th TFW
66-0041/BT		F-15A		36th TFW
68-0387/RS		F-4E		86th TFW
68-0393/RS		F-4E		86th TFW
68-0497/RS		F-4E		86th TFW
69-0249/RS		F-4E		86th TFW
68-15526		UH-1H		Medevac
MM5409/SA-109		G91T		ItAF
MM6243/1		G91PAN		Frecce Tricolori
MM6311/3		G91PAN		Frecce Tricolori
MM6265/4		G91PAN		Frecce Tricolori
MM6301/5		G91PAN		Frecce Tricolori
MM6264/6		G91PAN		Frecce Tricolori
MM6310/7		G91PAN		Frecce Tricolori
MM6250/9		G91PAN		Frecce Tricolori
MM6244/10		G91PAN		Frecce Tricolori
MM6314/8		G91PAN		Frecce Tricolori
104750			CF-104		1st CAG
104751			CF-104		1st CAG
104841			CF-104		1st CAG
104873			CF-104		1st CAG
104808			CF-104		1st CAG
F-TFYY			Cap 20		FAF
23/312-BE		N2501 Noratlas	FAF
F-TFVZ			Cap 20		FAF
C-12			F27-300M	RNethAF
A-350			Alouette 3	Grasshoppers
A-351			Alouette 3	Grasshoppers
A-398			Alouette 3	Grasshoppers
A-406			Alouette 3	Grasshoppers
A-499			Alouette 3	Grasshoppers
XX958/AH		Jaguar GR1	RAF
XX825/AC		Jaguar GR1	RAF
XX956/AB		Jaguar GR1	RAF
XZ385/AG		Jaguar GR1	RAF
XV205			Hercules C1	RAF
XX251			Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX252			Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX253			Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX257			Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX260			Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX264			Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX266			Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX259			Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX227			Hawk T1		Red Arrows
XX304			Hawk T1		Red Arrows
1128/H red		Saab 105OE	Karo As
1123/C red		Saab 105OE	Karo As
1122/B red		Saab 105OE	Karo As
1129/I red		Saab 105OE	Karo As
1116/F green		Saab 105OE	Karo As
1806			G91T		PortAF
5450			G91R		PortAF
2407			T-37C		Asas de Portugal
2415			T-37C		Asas de Portugal
2423			T-37C		Asas de Portugal
2426			T-37C		Asas de Portugal
2429			T-37C		Asas de Portugal
2430			T-37C		Asas de Portugal
D-HAYI			Bo105		Polizei

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