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Wildenrath 1980

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Date: 6 September 1980

Made by:


Static (92sq area):
XV809/CJ 	Harrier GR.3	No.4 Sqdn.
XW544/O 	Buccaneer S.2B 	No.16 Sqdn.
XL600/83 	Hunter T.7 	No.16 Sqdn.
XX973/DG 	Jaguar GR.1 	No.31 Sqdn.
WV740 		Pembroke C.1 	No.60 Sqdn.
XV465/Z 	Phantom FGR.2 	No.92 Sqdn.
K-3041 		NF-5A 		No.313 Sqdn.
FA-15 		F-16A 		No.349 Smd.
2059 		F-104G 		JaboG.31
3544 		RF-4E 		AG.51
76-0030/BT (r) 	F-15A 		22nd TFS
75-0069/BT (bl) F-15A 		525th TFS

Flying (from 60sq ramp):
XV740/CA 	Harrier GR.3 	No.4 Sqdn.

Flying (from 92sq area):
XV467/Q 	Phantom FGR.2 	No.92 Sqdn.
XX437 		Gazelle AH.1 	No.12 Flight
GT-870/O 	TF-100F 	Esk.730

Flying only:
70-2414/LN (r) 	F-111F 		494th TFS

XV222 		Hercules C.1 	LTW

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