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Spangdahlem 1992

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Date: 3 July 1992

Made by: Michael Gan


S-3B Viking, US Navy
Spangdahlem's 4th of July barbecue sounded apparently tasty enough to make some US Navy crew come over from their carrier. This picture of the S-3B Viking was taken on the arrivals day (159390/AA-700).

Photo Michael Gan

77-0264/SP            A-10A            52nd FW 
69-7228/SP            F-4G             81st FS 
87-0270/SP            F-16C            '52FW' 
AT24                  Alpha Jet        9w 
4443                  Tornado          JBG34 
XS738/U               Dominie T1       6FTS 
209                   An-26            Szolnok 
08                    MiG-23MF         Stromfeld 
14                    MiG-23UB         Stromfeld 
59-1474               KC-135Q          9th W 
84-0019/BT            F-15C            53rd FS 
84-0026/BT            F-15C            53rd FS 
87-0081               CH-47D           5/159th AVN 
69-16189              OH-58C           4/229th AVN 
86-8947               AH-64A           4/229th AVN 
159571/AA-504         A-6E             VA-35 
163034/AA-624         EA-6B            VAQ-132 
162921/AA-200         F-14B            VF-103 
163444/AA-300         F/A-18C          VFA-83 
159390/AA-700         S-3B             VS-30 

64-0745               F-4C             BDRT 
69-7236/SP            F-4G             BDRT 
64-4446/SP            F-105G           preserved 
69-7212/SP            F-4G             '52FW' 

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