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Jever 1982

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Date: 11/12/18 June 1982

Made by:

Updated: 10 July 2001

L5701     27+01       TF-104G                      WS10 
L5707     27+06       TF-104G                      WS10 
L5957     28+27       TF-104G                      WS10 
L2066     20+57       F-104G                       JABOG33 
FO8302    25+26       F-104G                       JABOG33 
FO8305    25+28       F-104G                       JABOG33 
	  25+74       F-104			   JBG33, on 11th
	  26+51	      F-104			   JBG33, on 11th
72-1111   37+01       F-4F                         JABOG36 
72-1176   37+65       F-4F                         JABOG36 
72-1227   38+17       F-4F                         JABOG36 
72-1259   38+49       F-4F                         JABOG36 
69-7466   35+19       RF-4E                        AKG51 
69-7469   35+22       RF-4E                        AKG51 
69-7522   35+75       RF-4E                        AKG51 
74-1050   SP          F-4E                         52TFW/480TFS 
74-1052   SP          F-4E                         52TFW/480TFS 
74-1053   SP          F-4E                         52TFW/480TFS 
74-0656   SP          F-4E                         52TFW/480TFS 
69-0286   SP          F-4G                         52TFW/81TFS 
69-7558   SP          F-4G                         52TFW/81TFS 
69-7566   SP          F-4G                         52TFW/81TFS 
69-7588   SP          F-4G                         52TFW/81TFS 
68-0556   AR	      RF-4C
68-0568   AR	      RF-4C
69-0369   AR	      RF-4C
XX843     33          JAGUAR T.2                   NO.2 SQN 
XZ101     21          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.2 SQN 
XZ105     25          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.2 SQN 
XZ106     26          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.2 SQN 
XZ108     28          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.2 SQN 
XZ110     30	      JAGUAR			   NO.2 SQN 
XZ361     20          JAGUAR GR.1                  NO.2 SQN 
XZ362     19          JAGUAR			   NO.2 SQN 
XK884		      PEMBROKE			   NO.60 SQN, on 12th
78-0226   J-226       F-16A                        NO.322 SQN 
	  J-234       F-16A                        NO.322 SQN 
78-0244   J-244       F-16A                        NO.322 SQN 
78-0246   J-246       F-16A                        NO.322 SQN 
78-0248   J-248       F-16A                        NO.322 SQN 
78-0256   J-256       F-16A                        NO.322 SQN 
D-8103                RF-104G                      NO.306 SQN 
D-8125                RF-104G                      NO.306 SQN 
D-8129                RF-104G                      NO.306 SQN 
D-8293                RF-104G                      NO.306 SQN 
K-3024		      NF-5A			   NO.315 SQN
K-3026		      NF-5A			   NO.315 SQN
K-3038		      NF-5A			   NO.315 SQN
K-4026		      NF-5B			   NO.315 SQN
22        BA22        MIRAGE VBA                   3W/8SMALDEEL 
55        BA55        MIRAGE VBA                   3W/8SMALDEEL 
59        BA59        MIRAGE VBA                   3W/8SMALDEEL 
207       BD10        MIRAGE VBD                   3W/8SMALDEEL 
	  BR14        MIRAGE VBR                   2W/42SMALDEEL 
315       BR15        MIRAGE VBR                   2W/42SMALDEEL 
	  BR26        MIRAGE VBR                   2W/42SMALDEEL 
327       BR27        MIRAGE VBR                   2W/42SMALDEEL 
2053	  67-FC	      ALOUETTE III
2090	  67-FH	      ALOUETTE III
A39	  11-EI       JAGUAR A                     EC1/11 ROUSSILLON
A50       11-EC       JAGUAR A                     EC1/11 ROUSSILLON
A94	  11-ED       JAGUAR A                     EC1/11 ROUSSILLON
A120	  11-ER       JAGUAR A                     EC1/11 ROUSSILLON
A144      11-EL       JAGUAR A                     EC1/11 ROUSSILLON 
A         11-ES       JAGUAR A                     EC1/11 ROUSSILLON 
354	  33-TC       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
364	  33-TO       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
370       33-TS       MIRAGE IIIRD                 ER3/33 MOSELLE 
133069		      CT133A			   1.CAG, on 12th
133345		      CT133A			   1.CAG, on 11th
104716		      CF104G			   1.CAG
104751		      CF104G			   1.CAG
104756		      CF104G			   1.CAG
104787    787         CF104G                       1.CAG 
104806    806         CF104G                       1.CAG 
104810    810         CF104G                       1.CAG 
104837		      CF104G			   1.CAG
104883		      CF104G			   1.CAG
MM61959		      PD808			   AMI
MM61960		      PD808			   AMI

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