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Hannover 1990

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Date: 20 May 1990

Made by: Rob de Bie, Joop de Groot

Updated: 2 January 2011

25078/315	MiG 29		Mikoyan/SovAF
...../304	MiG 29UB	Mikoyan/SovAF
...../29	Ka 29		Kamov/SovN ??          
72+71		UH-1D	        HFR6,WGA               
85+10	        CH-53G	        MHFTR35,WGA            
61+11	        Br 1151	        MFG3,WGN               
71+21	        UH-1D	        HTG64 ??,WGAF          
35+17	        RF-4E	        AG52,WGAF              
45+14	        Tornado IDS	MFG2,WGN       
38+74	        F-4F	        JBG35,WGAF             
80+09	        Bö 105M	        HFVS910,WGA	c/n 5009
'48+88'		Tornado IDS	LVR1,WGAF ??	98+04, c/n P01
50+91		C 160D		LTG62,WGAF
ZD412/AH	Harrier GR5	3sqn,RAFG
69-0241/SP	F-4G		23TFS/52TFW,USAFE
87-0268/SP	F-16C		23TFS/52TFW,USAFE
ZD996/I		Tornado GR1A	2sqn,RAFG
80-0157/AR	A-10A		511TFS/10TFW,USAFE
80-0230/AR	A-10A		511TFS/10TFW,USAFE
ZD952		Tristar KC1	216sqn,RAF
ZA682/BN	Chinook HC1	18sqn,RAFG
84-0465		C-23A		10MAS/608MAG,USAF

Near static:
70+81		UH-1D		HTG64,WGAF

Hangar/exposition hall:
40+59		Alpha Jet A	JBG..,WGAF
70+53	        UH-1D		HTG64,WGAF        
87+81	        Bö 105P		PAR16,WGA         
83+19	        Sea Lynx Mk 88	MFG3,WGN  

CCCP-64001	Tu-204     	Aeroflot
CCCP-85035	Tu-155		Aeroflot
D-CALM		Do-228          DLR
D-CALY		Do 228		Dornier		c/n 8155
DDR-SKA		An-2            Interflug
DDR-WJG		An-2            (green camo)
F-GIVR		Da 900 ?	Dassault	c/n 62
HB-HPE		PC 9		Pilatus		c/n 176
N14ES		Egrett		Grob

1x		CL 601		nn (take-off)

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