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Coleman 1976

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Date: 4 July 1976

Made by: Eric Tammer

Updated: &bnsp;

70-18013  	EU21A  		7SignBat
70-15983  	AH1G  		8InfDiv
70-15112  	OH58A
71-20954  	CH47C  		582TrCo
69-15166  	UH1H  		7SignCo
(66)0-16483  	UH1H
71-20674  	OH58A
70-16004  	AH1G  		8InfDiv
68-18454  	CH54A 	 	295AvCo
65-59430  	UH1M  		D3/8Cav
68-16009  	CH47C  		205AvCo

Also on the field:
A13, A16  	Alouette 2  	BAR
18446, 18449  	CH54A  		295AvCo
18455, 18458  	CH54A  		295AvCo
15032, 20946  	CH47C  		205AvCo
15028, 16002  	CH47C  		205AvCo
15030, 15029  	CH47C  		205AvCo

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