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Hannover 1974

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Date: 28/30 April 1974

Made by:


72-1137   37+27       F-4F                         JG71 
69-       35+13       RF-4E                        AKG5. 
M7131     22+51       F-104G                       JG71 
V65-004   84+06       CH-53G                       HFWS 
D571      33+00       G91R3                        LEKG.. 
          72+08       UH-1D 
          72+04       UH-1D 
          72+72       UH-1D 
..                    ALPHA JET                    .... 
37053                 AJ37 VIGGEN 
XX522                 BULLDOG T.MK 1               NO.2 FTS 
MM61-2975             SM.1019                      ALE 
SE-XBZ                SAAB 105G 
SE-XCP                SAAB 105MX 

Visiting on the 30th: 
          16+01       Hansa Jet

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