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Hannover 1970

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Date: 25 April 1970

Made by:


M7097     22+22       F-104G                       MFG1 
61+03     6           BR1151                       MFG3 
102       54+07       PEMBROKE                     BVFLR 
8128      70+68       UH-1D                        HTG64 
154886    84+02       CH-53G                       EST61 
154492    AE300       A-7B                         VA15/CVW6 
XV482                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.54 SQN 
XN732     R           LIGHTNING F.MK 2             NO.92 SQN 
XV778                 HARRIER GR.MK                NO.233 OCU 
MM6443                G91Y                         RSV 
MM6444                G91Y                         RSV 

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