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Ramstein 1997

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Date: 5 July 1997

Made by: Scramble


Static east:
AT33                  Alpha Jet    1W
4369                  Tornado      JBG38
MM55005/6-40          Tornado      102øGr
ZG530/84              Harrier GR7  4sq
XX282/CQ              Hawk T1      100sq
81-0980/SP            A-10A        81st FS
71-0879               C-9A         75th AS
84-0159               C-12F        HQ USEUCOM
83-0502               C-20A        76th AS
84-0086               C-21A        76th AS
64-0540               C-130E       43rd AW
70-1271/RS            C-130E       37th AS
80-0052/SP            F-15C        53rd FS
91-0314/LN "494 FS"   F-15E        494th FS
74-22514              UH-1H        HQ USEUCOM
88-26054              UH-60A       236th MedCo
86-8950/50            AH-64A       A/6/6th CAV
161160/AJ-101         F-14A        VF-41
164629/AJ-301         F/A-18C      VFA-15

Static west:
5064                  C-160D       LTG61
XV246                 Nimrod MR2   Kinloss Wing
86-0019               C-5B         436th AW
71-0880               C-9A         75th AS
86-0036               KC-10A       305th AMW
94-0069               C-17A        437th AW
63-7887, 70-1274      C-130E       37th AS
88-0193               MC-130H      7th SOS
88-2102               HC-130H(N)   102th RQS NY ANG
58-0055               KC-135T      92nd ARW
64-0621               C-141B       305th AMW
159320/LC-320         P-3C         VP-8

37th AS platform:
84-0156               C-12F        207th AVN
64-0502, 64-0527      C-130E       37th AS
64-0533, 64-0550      C-130E       37th AS
68-10935/RS, 68-10938 C-130E       37th AS
70-1264/RS,  68-10943 C-130E       37th AS

Far side:
84-0084, 84-0108      C-21A        76th AS
64-0496               C-130E       43rd AW
68-10934, 68-10941    C-130E       43rd AW
64-17681/RS           C-130E       37th AS
64-18240/RS           C-130E       37th AS
69-6583               C-130E       37th AS
74-1677               C-130H       317th AG

X-servicing platform:
MM7016/6-16           Tornado      154øGr
ZG479/69              Harrier GR7  4sq
91-0313/LN "3 AF"     F-15E        494th FS
89-2047/AV            F-16C        510th FS
90-0796/AV            F-16D        510th FS
Both AV F-16s departed in the morning.

67-22585              C-9A         75th AS

149                   F-16DG       Greek AF
84-0112               C-21A        76th AS      arr.
57-0386               F-101        stored
The Greek F-16 was covered in plastic without any wings.
Serial number was read from labled crates with the wings and other
parts, which were placed around the aircraft.

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