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Oberpfaffenhofen 2006

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Date: 16 July 2006

Made by: Scramble, Alexander Lutz, Dave Apps


RUAG Aerospace UH-1D Maintenance hall 452:
(40+90)			Alpha Jet A	i/a?
98+98			UH-1D		WTD61	ex 72+38    
70+71, 71+35, 71+83	UH-1D	        overhaul, Luftwaffe 
71+97, 72+18, 72+22	UH-1D	        overhaul, Heer      
72+41, 73+49, 73+81	UH-1D	        overhaul, Heer      
71+83, 71+88		UH-1D	        stored, ex Luftwaffe
72+44, 72+76, 72+93	UH-1D	        stored, ex Heer     
73+14, 73+16, 7	3+32	UH-1D	        stored, ex Heer     
73+58 +2		UH-1D	        stored, ex Heer     
The stored Hueys were identified through labels with the construction
numbers that were placed on the windscreen.

RUAG Aerospace big maintenance hanger (north side):
5N-IEP			Do328-300	DANA               
5N-SPN	                Do328-300	Bristow Helic.	a/w
D-ICKS	                Dornier Seastar                    
D-BUSY	                CL-600S                            
N824DH	                CL-601					3047               
(N502CW)		CL-601-3A				5023
OE-HCM			Do328-300	a/w

RUAG Aerospace big maintenance hanger (south side):
12+03, 12+07		CL-601		FBS
-			Do228		totally stripped	8181
-	                Do228					8183                
N593GA	                G550		being fitted for DLR        
OE-...	                CRJ200		Tyrolean	paintshop   
-	                Ce680		in paintshop        
The two Do228s were being prepared for the Dutch coastguard.

RUAG Aerospace Citation maintenance hangar:
D-ICMS			Ce525A
OE-GAH			Ce550 Bravo
OE-GIL			Ce550

D-9530			Do31		pres near tower
P2-MBR +1		Do228		stored northside
-			Do728 proto	stored fuselage only

RUAG Aerospace Lehrwerkstatt:
40+17			Alpha Jet A	i/a
99+46			G91T/3		i/a
(6Y-JQN)		Do228-202	i/a			8118
D-EMML			FwP149D		i/a
The prototype of the Do328JET (D-BEJR) was seen in the neighbouring 
hall (which was closed).

DLR area (ramp):
D-EDMA			Do27A-4
D-EEAF			Do27B-1
D-EMIH			Do27Q-5
D-HBWH			Bo105S

Hangar display:
D-CFFU			Do228-212	DLR
D-CMET			Falcon 20E	DLR

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