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Wittmund 1982

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Date: 11/12/18 June 1982

Made by: Willy Metze, Ron Nieuwland

Updated: 10 July 2001

	  27+02	      F-104			   WS10, on 12th
	  28+33	      F-104			   WS10, on 12th
	  37+17	      F-4F			   JBG36
72-1133   37+23       F-4F                         JG74 
72-1145   37+35       F-4F                         JG74 
	  41+56	      Alpha Jet			   JBG49, on 12th
	  43+35	      Tornado IDS		   LVR1, on 12th
	  70+43	      UH-1D			   HTG64
	  70+56	      UH-1D			   HTG64
	  70+65	      UH-1D			   HTG64
	  70+66	      UH-1D			   HTG64
	  70+68	      UH-1D			   HTG64
	  70+98	      UH-1D			   HTG64
	  71+02	      UH-1D			   HTG64
78-0143   FA28        F-16A                        1ER WG/350SMALDEEL 
78-0146   FA31        F-16A                        1ER WG/349SMALDEEL 
78-0148   FA33        F-16A                        1ER WG/349SMALDEEL 
78-0157   FA42        F-16A                        1ER WG/350SMALDEEL 
	  FA44	      F-16A			   1ER WG
	  CH03	      C-130H			   20sm
	  CH10	      C-130H			   20sm
XV462     U           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.92 SQN 
XV471     V           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.92 SQN 
XV460     W           PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.92 SQN 
69-0240   SP	      F-4			   52TFW
69-0259   SP	      F-4			   52TFW
71-1045	  SP	      F-4			   52TFW, on 16th
74-1059   SP	      F-4			   52TFW, on 16th
72-0153   ZR	      RF-4C			   38TRS
79-0012   BT	      F-15D			   36TFW
79-0028   CR          F-15C                        32TFS 
79-0032   CR          F-15C                        32TFS 
80-0006   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/22TFS 
80-0023   BT          F-15C                        36TFW/22TFS 

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