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Ramstein 1974

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Date: 22 September 1974

Made by: Willy Metze


63-7421   TJ          F-4C                         401TFW 
71-0291               TF-15A                       JTF/MDD 
69-0370   ZR          RF-4C                        26TRW 
68-0044   UH          F-111E                       20TFW 
58-6982   GT982       F-100F                       ESK.727 
104660    RT660       CF104D                       ESK.726 
351155    AT155       SK35XD                       ESK.725/729 
K4019                 NF-5B                        NO.314 SQN 
L5807     D5807       F-104G                       CAV 
514       3-IO        MIRAGE IIIE                  EC1/3 NAVARRE 
69-7487   35+40       RF-4E                        AKG51 
S9128     26+03       F-104G                       JABOG 
D302      30+45       G91R3                        LEKG42 
66-13562              OV-10A                       601TCW 
63-7857   LM          C-130E                       316TAW 
55-0297               T-29A                        UUU 
62-4462               T-39A                        7101ABW 
43-3287               C-54D                        UUU 
54-0155               C-121S                       193TEWG/193TEWS 
XV186                 HERCULES C.MK.1              LTW 
....    ( X 10)       GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS-RED ARROWS 
 ..     ( X  6)       SA318                        17SMALDEEL/BLUE BEES 

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