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Wildenrath 1975

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Date: 6 July 1975

Made by: Frank van Hemert, Willy Metze, Gijs Hiltermann


A50                  Alouette II          BAF 
A-471                Alouette III         GpLV. 
XS597                Andover C1           UK 
XS794                Andover CC2          32sq 
XN855                Argosy E1            115sq 
XP779                Beaver AL1           669sq
XP809                Beaver AL1           dump 
XP826                Beaver AL1           669sq
XV273                Beaver AL1           669sq 
XV344                Buccaneer S2B        UK                  flying 
XV354                Buccaneer S2B        UK                  flying 
XW533/Q              Buccaneer S2B        16sq 
XW534/D              Buccaneer S2B        15sq
XW543                Buccaneer S2B        15sq                flying 
XW545                Buccaneer S2B        15sq                flying 
XX885/YY             Buccaneer S2B        16sq 
XV187                Hercules C1          LTW 
50+95                C-160D               LTG63 
WT512                Canberra PR7         decoy 
WT514                Canberra PR7         decoy 
WT421                Canberra PR7         decoy 
XH175                Canberra PR9         39sq 
104779               CF-104G              421sq
84+08                CH-53G               MHFTR35 
84+29                CH-53G               MHFTR35 
84+41                CH-53G               MHFTR35 
57+37                Do-27                JBG31 
58+91                Do-28D2              JBG32 
XS711/L              Dominie T1           6 FTS 
GT-982               F-100F               Esk727 
25+37                F-104G               JBG31 
68-0003/UH           F-111E               55th TFS
XT900                Phantom FGR2         31sq
XT909                Phantom FGR2         31sq
XT914                Phantom FGR2         14sq
XV415                Phantom FGR2         31sq 
XV417                Phantom FGR2         14sq 
XV422                Phantom FGR2         31sq 
XV432                Phantom FGR2         31sq
XV433                Phantom FGR2         31sq 
XV460                Phantom FGR2         31sq
XV466                Phantom FGR2         14sq 
XV469                Phantom FGR2         17sq 
XV470                Phantom FGR2         14sq              flying display 
XV476                Phantom FGR2         31sq 
XV480                Phantom FGR2         31sq 
XV486                Phantom FGR2         14sq
XV496                Phantom FGR2         11sq 
XV497                Phantom FGR2         31sq
XV501                Phantom FGR2         14sq
136                  F-5B                 Skv338
31+28                G-91R                LKG43 
XW908                Gazelle AH1          661sq
XW911                Gazelle AH1          661sq 
XP514/7              Gnat T1              Red Arrows 
XP531                Gnat T1              Red Arrows 
XP542/42             Gnat T1              4FTS 
XR540/2              Gnat T1              Red Arrows 
XR572                Gnat T1              Red Arrows 
XR991/5              Gnat T1              Red Arrows 
XR993/3              Gnat T1              Red Arrows 
XR995/4              Gnat T1              Red Arrows 
XS101                Gnat T1              Red Arrows 
XS107/9              Gnat T1              Red Arrows 
XS111/1              Gnat T1              Red Arrows 
XV740/A              Harrier GR1          4sq 
XV741/A              Harrier GR1          3sq
XV747/G              Harrier GR1          4sq
XV751/V              Harrier GR1          20sq 
XV761/B              Harrier GR1          4sq 
XV781/O              Harrier GR1          3sq 
XV783/R              Harrier GR1          20sq
XV784/D              Harrier GR1          4sq 
XV786/E              Harrier GR1          4sq
XV789/F              Harrier GR1          4sq
XV790/S              Harrier GR1          20sq 
XV792/N              Harrier GR1          3sq
XV793/N              Harrier GR1          20sq 
XV801/Y              Harrier GR1          20sq 
XV808/T              Harrier GR1          20sq 
XV809/J              Harrier GR1          4sq 
XV810/XX             Harrier GR1          20sq 
XW269/TB             Harrier T2           4sq
XW272/Z              Harrier T2           4sq 
XW630/U              Harrier GR1          20sq 
XW763/K              Harrier GR1          3sq 
XW764/C              Harrier GR1          4sq
XW765/D              Harrier GR1          3sq
XW766/E              Harrier GR1          3sq
XW767/F              Harrier GR1          3sq               Hangar 
XW770/J              Harrier GR1          3sq
XW916/W              Harrier GR1          20sq
XW917/L              Harrier GR1          3sq              Hangar 
XW921/K              Harrier GR1          4sq 
XW924/L              Harrier GR1          4sq 
XW933/Q              Harrier T2           3sq 
TG607                Hastings T5          dump 
XL591/82             Hunter T7            4 FTS 
LF363/LE-D           Hurricane IIc        BoBMF 
XW353/12             Jet Provost T5A      RAFC-POACHERS 
XW359/4              Jet Provost T5A      RAFC-POACHERS 
XW422                Jet Provost T5A      RAFC-POACHERS 

XW435/93             Jet Provost T5A      CFS 
XW438/2              Jet PRovost T5A      RAFC-POACHERS 
XX751                Jaguar GR1           14sq 
XX755                Jaguar GR1           14sq 
XX756                Jaguar GR1           14sq
XX759                Jaguar GR1           14sq 
XX762                Jaguar GR1           14sq 
XX836                Jaguar T2            14sq 
XN728/V              Lightning F2A        92sq 
XN730/J              Lightning F2A        92sq 
XN773/E              Lightning F2A        92sq
XN774/F              Lightning F2A        92sq
XN780/K              Lightning F2A        92sq
XN782/H              Lightning F2A        92sq
XN787/L              Lightning F2A        92sq
XN788/P              Lightning F2A        92sq
XN793/H              Lightning F2A        19sq 
BA-53                Mirage 5BA           2sm
K-4019               NF-5B                314sq 
XV258/58             Nimrod MR1           120sq
66-13562             OV-10A               20th TASS
WV733                Pembroke C1          60sq 
WV736                Pembroke C1          60sq 
XF799                Pembroke C1          60sq 
XW202/DM             Puma HC1             230sq 
AR-102               S-35XD               Esk 729 
XP848                Scout AH1            669sq 
XP849                Scout AH1            669sq
XV119                Scout AH1            669sq 
ST15                 SF260M               EVS-SWALLOWS 
ST17                 SF260M               EVS-SWALLOWS 
ST..                 SF260M               EVS-SWALLOWS 
AT-152               Sk-35XD              Esk 729 
PS853                Spitfire             BoBMF 
73+22                UH-1D                LHFTR30 
WF369/F              Varsity T1           6 FTS 
XH651                Victor K1            57sq 
XA932                Victor K1A           55sq
XL359                Vulcan B2            230 OCU 
XR504/BF             Wessex HC2           18sq 
XR519/BD             Wessex HC2           18sq 
XR529/BN             Wessex HC2           18sq
XS679/BP             Wessex HC2           18sq 
XV724/BQ             Wessex HC2           18sq 
XV728/BR             Wessex HC2           18sq
This show was one of the RAF Germany open days held that weekend, the other one being RAF Gutersloh. People who visited this show they will remember it from the heat and the 16 Phantoms from RAF Bruggen that performed a mass baseattack during which they flew from behind the public with full afterburners.


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