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Breitscheid 2015

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Flugplatz Breitscheid Air show
Date: 28-29 August 2015
50+81 C-160D LTG 61  
83+15 Super Lynx Mk88A MFG 5    
D-HEGZ SA332L1 Bundespolitzei  
ST23, ST31 SF-260M+ CC Air/Red Devils  
ST34, ST36 SF-260M+ CC Air/Red Devils  
7357 Mi-24V 221.lbvr  
69/F-SEWL, 99/F-SEXP TB-30 EPAA00.315/ Cartouche Dore  
113/F-SEYD, 116/F-SEYG TB-30 EPAA00.315/ Cartouche Dore  
KH774/GA-S P-51D ex USAAF 44-73877  
D-EDPO P149D ex 91+46  
D-EWRG Do27B1 as AS+928, ex 56+09  
N3037B Ce-195B    
N67193/399 A75N1 Kaydett ex USN 38495  
D-EBFB L-18C ex Belgium OL-L43  
N33GP/411 RYAN STK3R ex USAAC 41-20869  
NX377WW T-28B ex USN 137777/KV863  
N59TS Harvard IV ex RCAF 20318  
N45CF Beech G18S    
PH-KHV ‘G-29’ Beech D18S ex RCAF 2375  
D-ELHM L-18C ex France 51-15336  
D-EDUT J-3C.65 ex USAAF 42-38393  
T7-TOY c/n 822113 Yak-52 ex 140 YELL, Ukr.AF  
D-EGWD Putzer Elster B ex 97+18  
D-IDBH Do28D2 ex 58+92  
D-EYBH c/n 2220204495 Yak-18T ex LY-30, DOSAAF  
D-FHGK AT-16 ex Swiss U-322  
PH-PBY ( MLD 16-218) PBY-5A ex USN 2459  
D-EDUR SF-260MB as ST-26  
D-HAFY Bell 206    
EC120B of 782 esc/Patrulla Aspa:
HS.25-3/78-22, HS.25-4/78-23 HS.25-7/78-26
HS.25-11/78-30, HS.25-14/78-33 HS.25-15/78-34
OE-CTS T-131PA c/n 109  
D-MTEE Platzer Kiebitz    


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