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Hannover 1964

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Date: 2 May 1964

Made by:


D-9509		Transall			V3
D-9511		WSF-64				64-003
D-9517		VJ-101C				X1
MM6255		G-91		
MM80340 	Bell 47		
XE531		Hunter		MoA	                    
AS-491	        P.149D		Luftwaffe	082         
DE-106	        F-84F		Luftwaffe	51-1806     
ED-245	        G.91		Luftwaffe	91-341      
ED-392	        Magister	Luftwaffe	145 
KE-311	        F-104G		Luftwaffe	7011        
QF-463	        H-21C		Wehrmacht	            
QW-744	        Alouette	Wehrmacht	1613
QW-765	        H-34		Wehrmacht	58-1523     

Also Present:
53-4504		H-34A		
AA-251		Magister			160
KA-194		Noratlas			183
KE-105		Sabre 6				S6/1659

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