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Nordholz 2000

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Date: 15 July 2000

Made by: Scramble, Erwin van Dijkman, Hans Rolink, Rene Hesse


36		Falcon 50SURMAR		24F
LX-N90446	E-3A			NAEW&CF
RD24		Saab 105Ö		FlRg3
1017		An-28 Bryza-1R		3DLMW
ZH873/873	Hercules C4		LTW
86-0133/GA	B-1B			128th BS GA ANG
(162778)/778	P-3C	                VP-5    
(157328)/LL-42	P-3C	                VP-30   
2905		MiG-29G	                JG73    
3845	        F-4F	                JG71    
4497	        Tornado IDS		JBG38
4618	        Tornado IDS	        MFG2 
5085	        C-160D		        LTG63
5701	        Do228-LM	        MFG3 
6112	        Br1150		        MFG3 
6118	        Br1150ELINT	        MFG3 
7267	        UH-1D		        HFR6 
8306	        Sea Lynx Mk88	        MFG3 
8321	        Sea Lynx Mk88A	        MFG3 
8478	        CH-53G		        HFR15
8706		Bo105P			HFR36       
8964	        Sea King Mk41		MFG5
N156FW	        P149D			'9134'      
D-EGFG	        L-18C			'9602'      
D-EGFR	        Do27A-1			'5536'      
D-EGME	        FwP149			'9161'      
D-HAXT	        SA330J			BGS/FS Nord 
D-ICDY	        Do28D-2			'5889'      

5703		Do228-212		MFG3, centre section

RI29		Saab 105Ö		FlRg3
85-0059/GA	B-1B			128th BS GA ANG
3766		F-4F			JG71        
4539	        Tornado IDS		MFG2
5702	        Do228LM			MFG3        
6105	        Br1150			MFG3        
6106	        Br1150 ELINT		MFG3
6111	        Br1150			MFG3        
8310, 8311	Sea Lynx Mk88		MFG3
8317		Sea Lynx Mk88		MFG3
D-EMAD		L-18C			ex R-33

Flying only:
4513, 4514	Tornado IDS		MFG2
4533, 4538	Tornado IDS	        MFG2
4611		Tornado IDS	        MFG2

86-0107/GA	B-1B			128th BS GA ANG
6109		Br1150			MFG3
6113		Br1150			MFG3, grey c/s
6115		Br1150			MFG3
7211		UH-1D			HFWS

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