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Wildenrath 1969

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Date: 15 June 1969

Made by: Willy Metze, Gijs Hiltermann


WT336     C           CANBERRA B(I)MK.8            NO.14 SQN 
WT337     A           CANBERRA B(I)MK.8            NO.14 SQN 
WT339                 CANBERRA B(I)MK.8            NO.14 SQN 
WT346     F           CANBERRA B(I)MK.8            NO.14 SQN 
WT347     N           CANBERRA B(I)MK.8            NO.14 SQN 
WT365     J           CANBERRA B(I)MK.8            NO.14 SQN 
WT525                 CANBERRA B(I)MK.8            NO.14 SQN 
XK951     M           CANBERRA B(I)MK.8            NO.14 SQN 
XM264     B           CANBERRA B(I)MK.8            NO.14 SQN 
XM...                 CANBERRA B(I)MK.8            NO.14 SQN 
WH801     X           CANBERRA P.R.MK.7            NO.17 SQN 
WT520     W           CANBERRA P.R.MK.7            NO.17 SQN 
WT535     U           CANBERRA P.R.MK.7            NO.17 SQN 
WT537                 CANBERRA P.R.MK.7            NO.17 SQN 
WT538     Q           CANBERRA P.R.MK.7            NO.17 SQN 
WT733     V           CANBERRA P.R.MK.7            NO.17 SQN 
,,...                 CANBERRA P.R.MK.7            NO.17 SQN 
,,...                 CANBERRA P.R.MK.7            NO.17 SQN 
,,...                 CANBERRA P.R.MK.7            NO.17 SQN 
,,...                 CANBERRA P.R.MK.7            NO.17 SQN 
,,...                 CANBERRA P.R.MK.7            NO.17 SQN 
WW596     N           HUNTER F.R.MK10              NO.2 SQN 
XF422     H           HUNTER F.R.MK10              NO.2 SQN 
XF432     S           HUNTER F.R.MK10              NO.2 SQN 
XF457     T           HUNTER F.R.MK10              NO.2 SQN 
XE605     O           HUNTER F.R.MK10              NO.2 SQN 
XE625     I           HUNTER F.R.MK10              NO.2 SQN 
XJ694     Z           HUNTER F.R.MK10              NO.2 SQN 
XE585     A           HUNTER F.R.MK10              NO.4 SQN 
XM214                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1A            NO.226 OCU 
XM215                 LIGHTNING F.MK.1A            NO.226 OCU 
XN730                 LIGHTNING F.MK.2A            NO.92 SQN 
XN735     A           LIGHTNING F.MK.2A            NO.19 SQN 
XN775     B           LIGHTNING F.MK.2A            NO.92 SQN 
XN780     K           LIGHTNING F.MK.2A            NO.92 SQN 
XN781     B           LIGHTNING F.MK.2A            NO.19 SQN 
XN789                 LIGHTNING F.MK.2A 
XN793     A           LIGHTNING F.MK.2A            NO.92 SQN 
XT906                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XT912                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XV395                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XV396                 PHANTOM FGR.2                NO.6 SQN 
XV741                 HARRIER GR.1                 NO.233 OCU    also noted as XV746 
XV744                 HARRIER GR.1                 NO.233 OCU 
XL444                 VULCAN B.MK.2                NO.27 SQN 
XL320                 VULCAN B.MK.2                NO.83 SQN 
XL443                 VULCAN B.MK.2                NO.83 SQN 
XL317                 VULCAN B.MK.2                NO.617 SQN 
XL321                 VULCAN B.MK.2 
XA938                 VICTOR B.K.MK1A              NO.214 SQN 
XN595     17          JET PROVOST T.MK.4           NO. 
XP502     02          GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS 
XR569     08          GNAT T.MK.1                  CFS 
XS739     F           DOMINIE T.MK.1               NO.1 FNS 
XV344                 BUCCANEER S.MK.2             NO.809 SQN 
XV864                 BUCCANEER S.MK.2             NO.809 SQN 
WD299                 CHIPMUNK 
WZ828                 CHIPMUNK 
WZ877                 CHIPMUNK 
XR987                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR992                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR993                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR994                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR995                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR996                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR997                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XS111                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XR9..                 GNAT T.MK.1                  RED ARROWS 
XS602                 ANDOVER C.MK.1               NO.46 SQN 
XV306                 HERCULES C.MK.1              LTW 
XS777                 BASSET 
XR368                 BELFAST C.MK.1               NO.53 SQN 
XP810                 BEAVER                       Royal Army 
XV271                 BEAVER                       Royal Army 
XM296                 HERON CC.                    AIR MARSHALL RAFG 
WJ947                 VARSITY T.MK.1               X 
WV279                 PEMBROKE C.MK.1              NO.60 SQN 
XL930                 PEMBROKE C.MK.1              NO.60 SQN 
XL931                 PEMBROKE C.MK.1              NO.60 SQN 
XP849                 SCOUT                        Royal Army 
XT623                 SCOUT                        Royal Army 
XV725                 WESSEX 
LF363     LE-D        HURRICANE IIC                BOB HIST.FLIGHT 
PS853                 SPITFIRE                     BOB HIST.FLIGHT 
J9941     57          HART                         NO.57 SQN 
..                    HS748                        THE QUEENS FLIGHT 
5.- ....  FR17        RF-84F                       3WING/42SMALDEEL 
S9147     FX86        F-104G                       1ER WG 
          A-267       Alouette III                 KLu 
53- 6576  P206        F-84F                        NO.314 SQN 
D-8101                RF-104G                      NO.306 SQN 
C-1                   F27-100                      NO.334 SQN 
56- 1255              F-102A                       86FIW 
64- 0900              F-4C                         81TFW 
5.- ....  GT-019      F-100F                       ESK.727/730 
14895     DP-B        F-5A                         SKV.33. 
D328      30+67       G91R3                        LEKG. ? 
...       24+43       F-104G                       WS10 
148       12+01       CV440                        FBST.BMVTG 
          70+54       UH-1D                        GAF 
24550                 HH-43B                       USAF 

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