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Berlin Gatow 1993

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Date: 27 June 1993

Made by: Scramble


5309                  L-410UVP      FBS
9353                  Mi-8S         FBS
9934                  Canberra B2   store
9935                  Canberra B2   WDT61
1272/BVY              Alouette 3    EL/1ar
6682904B/58 red       Mi-6          33TVP
3532434318450/09 yel  Mi-24P        Mahlwinkel
69-6607               UH-1N         58th ALS
68-15595              UH-1H         Berlin Brigade
69-16327              OH-58C        4-229th AVN
88-26034              UH-60A        4-229th AVN
86-8959               AH-64A        4-229th AVN
66-18013              U-21A         56th AvnCo
XX893/893             Buccaneer S2B 12sq
XX658/A               Bulldog T1    Cambridge UAS
WH902/EK              Canberra T17A 360sq
XH131/AF              Canberra PR9  39sq
ZD575/BL              Chinook HC1   18sq
WB586/A, WZ847/F      Chipmunk T10  6AEF
WG486                 Chipmunk T10  Gatow SF
XS735/R               Dominie T1    6FTS
XX456                 Gazelle AH1   7flt
XW268/720-VL          Harrier T4N   899sq
ZG472/O               Harrier GR7   SAOEU
XX176/CO              Hawk T1       100sq
XX188/CG              Hawk T1A      100sq
XX198/DC              Hawk T1A      234sq
XX236/PL?             Hawk T1       CFS
XW369/69              Jet Prov T5A  1FTS
XX500/H               Jetstream T1  6FTS
XZ219, XZ672          Lynx AH7      nn
XV226/26, XV260/60    Nimrod MR2P   120sq
XW236/BZ              Puma HC1      18sq
XV140/K               Scout AH1     666sq
ZD811/DF              Tornado GR1   17sq
ZE293/AC              Tornado F3    56sq
ZG777/CK              Tornado GR1   31sq
ZG778                 Tornado F3    nb
ZD578/715             Sea Harr FRS1 899sq
ZF487/487             Tucano T1     1FTS
ZA148/G               VC10 K3       101sq
XR521/WD              Wessex HC2    2FTS
D-EELE                CASA11321E
D-HZPK                Mi-2          Polizei
9Q-CUK                C-47A         Jansson

9340                  Mi-8S         FBS
71-20025              UH-1H         Berlin Brigade
WG466                 Chipmunk T10  Gatow SF
XZ330                 Gazelle Ah1   7flt
ZG471/AB, ZG510/AE    Harrier GR7   3sq
TG503                 Hastings T5   preserved
XV195/195             Hercules C1P  LTW
XZ197, XZ670          Lynx AH7      nn
XV724                 Wessex HC2    22sq
D-ACFA                BAe146-200    Conti Flug
D-CDLH                Ju52-3m       "D-AQUI"
D-FONL                An-2          Classic Air
D-HALY                UH-1D         BGS
D-HOZC                Mi-8          Polizei
D-HZPN                Mi-2          Polizei
D-IAFL                Ce414A        Biz Air
D-ISCU                Ce421C        Flugservice
9Q-CYE                C-47A         Jansson
The Canberra 9934 was wearing marking as if it had made
its final flight on 27 May 1993 and would be displayed in
a museum in Berlin. However, the aircraft could also be
seen in the static of the International Air Tattoo at 
RAF Fairford later this year!

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