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Bonn-Hangelar 2006

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Date: 26/27 August 2006

Made by: Scramble, Alex Smit, Simon Paul


D-EBFU			PA-18-95	ex 53-4726         
D-EBUG	                J-3C-65		ex 44-80028                
D-EDCK	                SV-4C				540               
D-EFPS	                SV-4C				415                
D-EFTB	                L-18C		ex 96+31                   
D-EMEK	                L-18C		ex 96+13                   
D-ENKM	                Gomhouria 6	as Lw "+BF/7"	177
D-EODN	                SV-4C				113                
D-EPAK	                Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WD388       
D-ERDA	                SV-4C				599                
D-EROB	                SV-4C		ex France 151              
D-ESPS	                Tiger Moth II	ex RAF T7213       
D-FRCP	                AT-16		ex RAF FS728               
D-GADA	                Aero 145	as "DM-SGA"        
D-GASA	                Aero 145	nn                 
D-HALA	                R44		Air Lloyd                  
D-HAXG	                SA330J		BGS                        
D-HBOC	                Bo105C		Air Lloyd                  
D-HEGD	                AS332L1		BGS                        
D-HIPY	                Bell 206B3	Air Lloyd          
D-HOYG	                H269C		nn                         
D-HRHM	                EC135T1		ADAC                       
D-HVBP	                EC135T2		BGS                        
F-AZTE "K24/OT-.CW"	C-47A		ex France 141406
G-BWTG			Chipmunk T10	ex RAF WB671
N167F "414450"		P-51D		ex 44-73877
N320SQ "232511"		TB-25N		ex 44-29507
N383DK			SV-4C		Aeronavale c/s	383
N9912H			B75N1
RA-1428K		Yak-52		Yakkes Foundation
RA-3085K		Yak-52		Yakkes Foundation
PH-IIB			AT-16		ex KLu B-118         
PH-KHE	                Bo105CBS5	sted, ex ANWB
PH-KHV	                Beech D18S	as KLu "G-29"
PH-MLM	                AT-16		ex KLu B-71          
PH-OUQ "3W-17"		Spitfire MkIXc	ex RAF MK732
PH-PBY			PBY-5A		as MLD "16-218"
PH-RLA			Saab 91D

Pleasure flights:
D-FKMA			An-2T		ex E-Germany 440
D-FOKK	                An-2T		as "DM-SKK"     
D-FONL "DM-SKL"		An-2T		ex E-Germany 888
D-HACC			Bell 407	Air Concept Cologne
D-HALV			R44		Air Lloyd

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