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Kiel-Holtenau 2000

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Date: 24 June 2000

Made by: Scramble, Koen Leuvering, Martin Herbert


Mi-8T, Lithuanian AF
Highlight of the show at Kiel was this Lithuanian Mi-8T with code 10 blue. Unfortunately the weather was rather rainy on this day, but this chopper made it worth going to the SAR Meet!

Photo Jaco Haasnoot

12401		CH-124		12W        
U-280	        S-61A-1	        Esk 722    
17	        SA365N	        32F        
MM80984/15-13	HH-3F	        15ยบ St     
10 bl		Mi-8T	        13SE LithAF
265	        SH-14D	        HELIGRP    
0813	        W-3R	        Polish Navy
ZH838	        Merlin HMA1	824sq
ZD476/ZU	Sea King HC4	848sq
7143		UH-1D		LTG63                
8067	        Bo105M	        SSt/HFR15    
8202	        AS532U2	        FBS BMVg     
8508	        CH-53G	        HFR15        
8950	        Sea King Mk41	MFG5         
8968	        Sea King Mk41	MFG5, ann c/s
8971	        Sea King Mk41	MFG5         
D-HAXO	        SA330L	  	BGS/FS Nord          
D-HMVA	        EC135		Polizei              

8956		Sea King Mk41	MFG5, ann c/s

8951, 8955	Sea King Mk41	MFG5
8962, 8963	Sea King Mk41	MFG5
8964, 8965	Sea King Mk41	MFG5
8967		Sea King Mk41	MFG5
5914	        Do28D2		pres        
8059	        H-34G		pres        

Kiel, Navy harbor:
19203		Lynx Mk95	EsqHEL
XV711		Sea King HAS6	RN
163593/HQ-470	SH-60B		HSL-46
8304		Sea Lynx Mk88	MFG3
8969		Sea King Mk41	MFG5

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