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Geilenkirchen 1998

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Date: 27 June 1998

Made by: Ronny Jansen


CP-140            140109	Greenwood Wing
F-16B             FB07		nb
A-7P              15524		Esq 304
A-7P              15519		Esq 304
A-10A             81-0954/SP    81FS
B-707TCA          LX-N20198	NAEWF
E-3A              LX-N90451	NAEWF
Tornado F3        MM7205/36-06  36 st
MB-339A           MM54514/61-64 61 st
F-16C             90-0005	161 filo
F-16D             92-0024	161 filo
C-130H            956		335 skv
E-3D              ZH106/106	8 sqn
KC-135            62-3576	133 ARS

B-707TCA          LX-N20199	NAEWF
B-707TCA          LX-N19996     NAEWF
E-3A              LX-N90442     NAEWF
E-3A              LX-N90445     NAEWF
E-3A              LX-N90458     NAEWF
E-3A              LX-N90455     NAEWF
E-3A              LX-N90449     NAEWF
E-3A              LX-N90452     NAEWF
E-3A              LX-N90459     NAEWF
E-3A              LX-N90444     NAEWF
E-3A              LX-N90447     NAEWF

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