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Manching 2002

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Date: 28 September 2002

Made by: Scramble, Alexander Lutz, Andy Marden, Clive Bartram


MM62152/RS-45		G222TCM		311°Gr/RSV              
MM55062/RS-26*	        MB339CD	        311°Gr/RSV      
LX-N90447	        E-3A	        NAEW&CF         
10+26		        A310-304MRTT	FBS BMVg        
16+08		        HFB320		stored                  
20+49/10	        F-104G		i/a, spec mks           
40+01/13, 40+02	        Alpha Jet A	i/a             
45+55		        Tornado IDS	MFG2            
46+44	                Tornado ECR	JBG32, tiger mks
50+64	                C-160D		LTG61                   
61+14	                Br1150	        MFG3            
73+84	                UH-1D	        WTD61           
82+62	                EC135T1	        HFWS            
86+17	                Bo105P1	        WTD61           
98+16/2	                Su-22UM-3K	i/a             
99+91	                F-4F		i/a                     
D-EATP	                Fantrainer 400	ex 98+77        
F-ZWWY	                EC505 HAP	Eurocopter      
MM612/327	        NH90		NHI                     
* = also flying

Static (hangar 1):
37+15			F-4F		WTD61   
43+62	                Tornado		ex JBG34
84+02	                CH-53G		WTD61   
98+03	                EF2000T		EADS    
98+04/11		F-104G		pres, spec mks
98+17			Su-22M-4	i/a           
98+59 	                Tornado IDST	WTD61         
98+60	                Tornado IDS	WTD61         
D-ECIC	                Klemm 35D	ex Sweden 5064
D-ESBH/11		Me108B		ex 37014
D-FHGK/15		AT-16		ex Swiss U-322
D-FJAK			Yak-3M
D-FMBB "151591"		HA-1112-M1L	ex Spain C.4K-135
D-IFCC			CM170		ex 93+02
D-IWMS			HA200D		ex Spain AE.10B-67
(51-100?)		HA300		ex Egypt AF
1x			Fw190 replica

Flying (from EADS area):
29+04			MiG-29G		JG73           
38+13	                F-4F		WTD61, spec mks
46+40	                Tornado ECR	WTD61  
50+57	                C-160D		EADS           
51+08	                C-160D		WTD61          
71+62, 72+38		UH-1D		WTD61
85+00			CH-53GS		WTD61
87+84			Bo105P1		WTD61
98+25			Tiger UHT	Eurocopter
98+29, 98+30		EF2000		EADS
98+78			Do228-201	WTD61
D-EDKR			FwP149D		ex 90+75
D-EHMA			Do27A-4		ex 56+80

20+08			F-104G		preserved gate   
23+73	                F-104G	        stored          
25+21	                F-104G	        pres with EADS  
70+95	                UH-1D	        LTG61           
72+24	                UH-1D	        on rotating pole
90+66	                FwP149D	        stored          
98+15/1	                Su-22M-4	stored   
98+03	                Tornado		i/a "Letzte Flug 20.02.01" (in hangar)

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