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Manching 2001

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Date: 7 September 2001

Made by: Scramble


MM6929/9-43		F-104S-ASA-M	10°Gr	dep
MM6776/9-46		F-104S-ASA-M	10°Gr	dep
81-0976/SP		A-10A		81st FS	dep
2251			F-104G		i/a
2660			F-104G		i/a, spec c/s
2925			MiG-29GT	EADS/JG73	primer
3715			F-4F		EADS/WTD61
3839			F-4F		JG74, spec c/s
4553			Tornado IDS	EADS/MFG2
5106			C-160D		LTG63
6108, 6113		Br1150		MFG3
9830			EF2000		EADS	DA5
LX-N19997		B707TCA		NAEW&CF

Hangar 107:
81-0985/SP		A-10A		81st FS	under repair
2903, 2905, 2908	MiG-29G		JG73
3801			F-4F		ex JG73	primer
3836			F-4F		ex JG74	primer
72-1231, 72-1257	F-4F		ex 20th FS	primer
4308			Tornado IDS	JBG32
4387, 4568		Tornado IDS	ex MFG2	primer
4469			Tornado IDS	AG51
4602			Tornado IDS	ex JBG33	primer

Hangar 118:
4470			Tornado IDS	JBG31
4500			Tornado IDS	JBG33
4620			Tornado IDS	ex MFG2	primer
4640			Tornado ECR	ex JBG32

Hangar 128:
3820			F-4F		ex JG72	primer
4567			Tornado IDS	AG51, spec mks

Hangar 136:
4559			Tornado IDS	ex MFG2	primer

Hangar 248:
4633			Tornado ECR	ex JBG32	primer

Hangar 252:
6110			Br1150		ex MFG3	primer
6115			Br1150		MFG3
LX-N90445, LX-N90452	E-3A		NAEW&CF

Hangar 255:
5057, 5065, 5072, 5078	C-160D		nn	primer

Hangar 256:
3813			F-4F		WTD61
3846			F-4F		JG71
4599			Tornado IDS	AG51
4627			Tornado ECR	JBG32

Hangar 303:
01523			F-4E		Greek AF

Hangar 304 (EF2000 production Hangar):
Several (parts of) Eurofighters were seen in this hangar. The following
construction numbers were noted: PT003, BT002, GT001, GT002 and PS001. The
last four were in the centre-fuselage assembly line.

Transall Hangar:
5010, 5096		C-160D		nn	primer
5054, 5109		C-160D		LTG63

82-0650			A-10A		81st FS, nmks
1x			C-160D		nn	primer

EADS Lehrwerkstatt Hangar:
3142			G91R/3		instr. LKG43 mks
4002			Alpha Jet A	instr. WTD61 mks

XCE.16-01/DA6		EF2000T		EADS-CASA
3744			F-4F		JG72	dep
9991			F-4F		WTD61
4610, 9859		Tornado IDS	WTD61
5114			C-160D		WTD61
9829			EF2000		EADS	DA1

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