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Laage 2006

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Date: 19 August 2006

Made by: Scramble, Adrian Hairsine


FA94			F-16AM		2w		tiger mks
E-074	                F-16AM	        (Esk 730)        
ET-198	                F-16BM	        nmks             
T-431	                T-17	        FLSK             
366/4-BC		Mirage 2000D	EC02.004
26			MiG-29UB	59.HRE
240			Beech 200	102sq
LX-N90451		E-3A		NAEW&CF
J-884			F-16BM		312sq                        
0125	                Falcon 20C	717Skv               
305	                Su-22UM-3K	8.elt                
15211	                Alpha Jet A	Esq103               
15227	                Alpha Jet A	Asas de Portugal     
722	                IAR-99 Soim	S.A.p.F.A./nb	"318"
T.21-09/35-47		C295M		353 Esc 
93-0671			F-16C	        152 Filo
94-0110			F-16D	        152 Filo
ZA446/AF		Tornado GR4	nb 
ZJ924/QO-H	        Typhoon F2	3sq
81-0956/SP	        A-10A		81st FS              
81-0992/SP	        A-10A	        81st FS              
62-3562		        KC-135R	        351st ARS            
84-0010/LN	        F-15C	        493rd FS             
91-0311/LN	        F-15E	        492nd FS             
J-3038, J-3041	        F-5E	        nb                   
J-5237			F/A-18D	        FlSt11               
10+25	                A310MRT	        FBS                  
29+03	                MiG-29G	        pres                 
30+20	                EF2000T	        JG73                 
(33+03)	                G91R/3	        restoration	HAS10
38+50	                F-4F	        JG74                 
43+11	                Tornado IDS	JBG33        
45+02	                Tornado IDS	JBG31        
45+76, 46+22		Tornado IDS	AG51
46+55			Tornado ECR	JBG32
51+01	                C-160D		LTG62        
71+40	                UH-1D		LTG62        
D-EDNW	                Do27		ex 55+45     
D-ELEV	                P149D		ex 91+22
Plus an NH90 without serial/registration and a Eurofighter mock-up
with fake serial "30+00".     

Others (static side):
CM02			Falcon 20E	21sm
97-0140			C-20E		76th AS        
10+21		        A310-304	FBS    
30+02, 30+03	        EF2000T		JG73             
30+08, 30+11	        EF2000	        JG73             
30+12, 30+15	        EF2000	        JG73             
30+16		        EF2000	        JG73             
30+19, 30+21	        EF2000T	        JG74             
("35+73")	        F-4E	        (75-0631), pres  
50+10			C-160D	        LTG62            
50+71	                C-160D	        LTG63            
50+87	                C-160D	        LTG63		white c/s
50+44, 50+84		C-160D	        nn               
51+09			C-160D	        nn               
1x			UH-1D	        LTG62            
82+05			AS532U2	        FBS              
EF2000s 30+11, 30+12, 30+15 and 30+16 took part in the SNAP1 demo.
During SNAP2 the 30+02, 30+15, 30+19 and 30+21 were flying. In between
these air power demos, the 30+08 and 30+12 did an interception demo on
F-4F 38+63, while the 30+03 was chosen to perform the solo display in 
the morning, while the 30+16 did the solo in the afternoon.

Flightline far side:
37+75, 38+67		F-4F		JG71                 
37+79, 38+55	        F-4F		JG71		spare        
38+69, 38+74	        F-4F		JG71                 
43+25, 43+29	        Tornado IDS	JBG31        
44+30		        Tornado IDS	JBG31		spare
44+66, 45+92	        Tornado IDS	JBG31        
43+98, 45+57	        Tornado IDS	AG51         
45+91		        Tornado IDS	AG51		spare
44+46, 45+19	        Tornado IDS	JBG32        
45+46, 45+69	        Tornado IDS	JBG32        
44+79		        Tornado IDS	JBG32		spare
46+23		        Tornado ECR	JBG33		spare
46+36, 46+44	        Tornado ECR	JBG33        
50+46		        C-160D		LTG62		shelter area 
51+02		        C-160D		LTG63		shelter area 
84+24		        CH-53G		nn                   
71+28, 71+55, 71+60	UH-1D		LTG62
The airshow consisted of the SNAP Powerdemo and included: 12x Tornado, 4x F-4F,
4x EF2000, 2x C-160D, 2x UH-1D, 1x CH-53G and 1x E-3A (that did a flypast only).
In the morning (between 10 and 11 am) all of the above aircraft were taking part, 
except for the spares and UH-1D 71+55. During SNAP2 in the afternoon also the 
38+55 and 44+79 took-off but did not return after the demo. Tornado 45+95 of
JBG31 was seen on the flightline on Friday, but was parked in a hanger on Saturday.

Preserved (static side):
25+02			F-104G		pres, behind gate    
330	                MiG-23ML	pres         
734	                Su-22M-4	pres         
JC-102	                Sabre Mk6	pres, on pole

Flying only:
LX-N90448		E-3A		NAEW&CF
38+63			F-4F		JG71

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