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Landsberg 2007

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Date: 29 September 2007

Made by: Scramble


3370 			Mi-35 		231.vrl             
5445/VQ 	        AS555AN 	CIEH00.341        
407 		        An-26 		MH 59.Sz.D.REB.     
LX-N90443 	        E-3A 		NAEW&CF 	spec mks       
1509 		        An-26 		13.eltr             
T-340 		        AS532UL 	Swiss AF/nmks     
38+66 		        F-4F 		JG71                 
45+03 		        Tornado IDS 	WTD61 		spec mks
45+77 		        Tornado IDS 	JBG33         
46+43 		        Tornado ECR 	JBG32         
50+06, 50+10, 50+44 	C-160D 		LTG61
50+48 			C-160D 		LTG61 		50 yrs sp. c/s
50+99                   C-160D 		LTG61               
60+06                   P-3C 		MFG3                  
61+03                   Br1150SIGINT 	MFG3          
70+51, 71+12, 71+31 	UH-1D 		LTG61
71+32 			UH-1D 		nmks           
71+59                   UH-1D 		LTG61 		spec mks 
82+53                   EC135T1 	HFWS         
84+02                   CH-53G 		WTD61 		spec mks
84+48                   CH-53G 		MTHR25        
86+63                   Bo105P1 	KHR26        
86+87                   Bo105P1 	nn           
D-EDMA 			Do27B-5 	ex 56+88    
D-EOGE                  FwP149D 	ex 91+04    
D-FWAC                  SNJ-5 		"AA+707"      
D-HBYB                  EC135P2 	Polizei     
D-HLTO                  EC155b 		BGS          
D-IBDM                  Alpha Jet A 	ex 41+30
N11FX 			TAH-1F 		Red Bull
N6123C 			B-25J 		ex 44-86893
N6593D 			T-6G 		ex 49-3357
RA-3424K 		L-39ZO 		ex 28+29

Hangar (open to public):
50+68 			C-160D 		LTG61
71+65 			UH-1D 		nmks

Hangar (open to public):
50+51 			C-160D 		nn
50+89 			C-160D 		LTG61/62 mks

Hangar 6 (open to public):
30+40 			EF2000 		JG74
D-EFTX 			N2S-4 		"475"
D-EHHT 			DH82A 		nn
N16512 			Waco YKS6 	nn

Hangar (not open to public):
70+71, 70+73, 70+80 	UH-1D 		LTG61
70+89, 70+96, 70+99 	UH-1D 		LTG61
70+92, 71+34, 71+47 +1 	UH-1D 		LTG61

Hangar (not open to public):
70+37, 70+79, 70+83 	UH-1D 		nmks
70+78, 70+88 		UH-1D 		LTG61
71+46, 71+67 		UH-1D 		nmks

SAR flightline:
70+76, 70+85 		UH-1D 		LTG61

Far side:
50+08, 50+66 		C-160D 		LTG61
50+40 			C-160D 		nn
50+69, 50+86, 51+10 	C-160D 		LTG61
These Transalls were read on the day after the actual show.

AA+152 			CM170 		pres
"GA+125" 		N2501F 		pres, ex France 128
LB+105 			Sycamore Mk52 	pres, ex 78+23
71+09 			UH-1D 		wfu
71+10 			UH-1D 		pres

The airshow at Landsberg was downgraded to a family day,
because of heavy rainfall in the days preceding the show. The
fields were soaked and therefore the runway and taxiways had
to be used as car parks. It was therefore not possible to have
any flying demonstrations at Landsberg. Still, about 20,000
people found their way to the airbase. The weather was
beautiful, but the static layout was bad (ropes and fences) and
good pictures could not be taken.

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