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Manching 2007

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Date: 15 September 2007

Made by: Scramble


WTD61 gate:
20+08 		F-104G 		pres

Static area 1:
LX-N90452 	E-3A 		NAEW&CF
50+49 		C-160D 		LTG61
70+53 		UH-1D 		nmks
82+57 		EC135T1 	HFWS
83+21 		S Lynx Mk88A 	MFG3
84+55 		CH-53G 		WTD61
86+29 		Bo105P1 dem 	HFVS910
98+12 		Tiger UHT 	WTD61
D-EKIE 		Do27A-1 	ex 55+42
The Tiger was already visibly wearing its future registration

Static area 2:
10+25 		A310-304MRTT 	FBS BMVg
31+42 		G-91R/3 	i/a
38+13 		F-4F 		WTD61/nmks
(40+01)/13 	Alpha Jet A 	i/a
(98+04)/11 	F-104G 		i/a 		spec mks
(98+17)/14 	Su-22M-4 	i/a
99+91 		F-4F 		i/a
D-FWWC 		Fw190A-8 repl 	as "990001"
D-IMTT 		Me262 replica 	as "501244"

Static area 3 (apprentice area):
(20+49)/10 	F-104G 		i/a 		spec mks
98+02/12 	Tornado MRCA 	i/a

D-EFYW 		Do27B-1 	ex 55+75

Building 212:
84+01 		S-65 		WTD61
84+38 		CH-53G 		nn

Hangar (next to building 212):
(37+15)/1125 	F-4F 		nmks 		bare metal
(38+62)/1272 	F-4F 		nmks 		bare metal
45+88 		Tornado IDS 	JBG31
84+94 		CH-53G 		nmks
The Phantoms were identified by the ‘last four’ of their FMS
numbers that were visible.

87+84 		Bo105P1 	WTD61

Compound close to Flightline:
(98+03)/15 	Tornado ECR 	wfu
1x 		CH-53 		fuselage only

Hangars near civil terminal:
(43+17) 	Tornado IDS 	wfu (JBG31 mks)
N6196G/688 	UH-1H 		ex 65-09688
D-EATP 		Fantrainer 400 	ex 98+77
Plus one unidentified Bf109.

Flightline near static:
D-EBYX 		L-18C 		ex 96+26
D-EDKR		FwP149D 	ex 90+75
D-EHMA 		Do27B-5 	ex 56+80

SAR standby:
70+77 		UH-1D 		LTG61

Flying from Ramp/Shelters close to EADS building:
LX-N90447 	E-3A 		NAEW&CF
45+92 		Tornado IDS 	JBG31
50+67 		C-160D 		LTG63
51+08		C-160D 		WTD61
98+03 		EF2000T 	EADS/nmks
98+59 		Tornado IDS 	WTD61
Plus two more Transalls (LTG61 and LTG62) and one
German P-3C Orion.

38+40 		F-4F 		WTD61/JG71
46+30 		Tornado ECR 	JBG32
98+30 		EF2000 		EADS
98+60, 98+77 	Tornado IDS 	WTD61
98+98 		UH-1D MAT 	WTD61

Flightline 1:
37+16 		F-4F 		WTD61 		spec mks
45+03 		Tornado IDS 	WTD61 		spec mks
98+93 		NH90-TTH 	nmks
D-ESBH 		Me108B 		ex AW167
D-FDME 		Bf109G-10 	ex 151591/2
D-FWAC 		SNJ-5 		as "AA+707"
D-IFCC 		CM170 		ex 93+02
D-1636 		Me163 repl 	as "PK+QL"

Flightline 2:
D-EDKR 		FwP149D 	ex 90+75
D-EHMA 		Do27B-5 	ex 56+80

Flightline 3:
71+62 		UH-1D 		WTD61 		white c/s
84+02 		S-65 		WTD61 		spec mks
86+17 		Bo105P1 dem 	WTD61
98+10 		Tiger UHT 	WTD61
D-HMBE 		EC145 		private

In various HAS:
22+07 		F-104G 		wfu, JBG34 mks
27+08 		TF-104G 	wfu, JBG33 mks
72+24 		UH-1D 		std/nmks
98+15/1 	Su-22M-4 	wfu
‘V-1’ +1 	Bo105 		nmks
The first of the two Bölkows was marked Bo105M PAH V-1 on
most panels. So this might be the prototype Bo105P (ex
98+27). The second was marked "PAH 6037" on some panels,
so this may have been 86+37.

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