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Date: 13 June 1997

Made by: Thomas Wilberg

Updated: &bnsp;

D-IHAS		Aero Commander			                                               
D-FWJC	        Antonov An-2			Air Tempelhof			                                       
D-FUKM	        Antonov An-2			NVA c/s			Anastasia	                               
D-	        Bell 47						                                       
..+70	        Bell UH-1D Iroquois		Heeresflieger		                               
SE-XMC	        Bleriot XI - Thulin Liz.				A14                            
N746BJ	        Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet	USN			"337"	                       
SE-BOE	        Boeing Stearman PT-17 Kaydet	US Army 		498	       
D-ICAC	        Cessna 441 Conquest (?)			                                       
SE-XIL	        CFM 01 Tummelisa			                                       
PH-PBY	        Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina	16-218			300                    
D-EPCL	        DHC-1 Chipmunk	Rot		ex RAF WB689	               
	        DHC-1 Chipmunk	RAF 					34	               
SE-DXY	        DDH-100 Vampire Mk 6			                       
D-EKIF	        DDH 82A Tiger Moth		Jaguar		                               
D-EBHC	        Dornier Do 27A4			                                       
N167B	        Douglas A-26B Invader		USAF Sugarland Express	434602                 
	        Extra 300			Royal Jordanian Falcons		                               
SE-DXA	        Hawker Hunter F Mk 58			                                       
D-FOXY	        K+W C 3605				                               
??+??	        MBB Bo105 			Heeresflieger		               
29+14	        MiG 29				Luftwaffe		                                               
D-HZPL	        Mil Mi-2			Polizei		                                               
D-	        North American AT-6G Texan	15 - Toni Eichhorn	               
D-	        North American AT-6G Texan	08 - Walter Eichhorn	               
N167F	        North American P-51D Mustang	USAF	Old Crow, S-B6	473877                 
OE-ESA	        North American T-28B Trojan	USN BA8179,Red Bull	138179         
LN-ACG	        Piper PA-18 Super Cub		NorwAF	F-AO		18-3237 ( 53-4837 is part of paint job)
D-EJGR	        Piper PA-18-95 Super Cub	ex 96+30		18-3454                
D-ECKC	        Pitts S-2A Special			                                       
D-EWBU	        PZL 104 Wilga 35			                                       
D-FOAB	        PZL 106 AR Kruk			Interflug DDR-TAB		                               
HB-RDD,ex N1799	Ryan PT-22 Recruit		KLu R-094	
D-ERDA		Stampe SV 4C			Derda			599        
D-EDCK	        Stampe SV 4C						540        
D-EROB	        Stampe SV 4C			151        
		Alouette II			Grenzschutz	
N2451B	        Temco GC-1B Swift			   
	        Tornado ECM			Marineflieger		   
LY-SKY	        Yakovlev Yak 52			Flugschule Stahnke		
D-EBWY	        Zlin 126 Trener			HUSAF	           

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