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Damme 2009

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Date: 1 August 2009

Made by: Scramble


D-EAJC 		Do27B-1 	ex 56+24    
D-EBAT          Do27A-5         ex 57+23   
D-EDNW          Do27B-1         ex 55+46   
D-EDSP          Do27A-3         ex 57+36   
D-EGFR          Do27A-1         ex 55+36   
D-EFZM          Do27A-4         ex 57+48   
D-EKFG          Do27A-4         ex 57+40   
D-EOAT          Do27A-1         ex 56+39   
D-EDDY          Do27Q-5         not ex mil.
D-EAXT          FwP149D         ex 91+28   
D-ECBW          P149D 		ex 92+19      
D-ECOY          FwP149D 	ex 90+11    
D-EDCZ          FwP149D 	ex 90+10    
D-EEGD          P149D 		ex 92+18 &    
D-EERP          P149D 		ex 91+77 &    
D-EFLM          FwP149D 	ex 90+64    
D-EFTU          P149D 		ex 90+73 &    
D-EGIT          P149D 		ex 91+78 &    
D-EGWK          FwP149D 	ex 91+52    
D-EGME          FwP149D         ex 91+61
D-EHVO          FwP149D         ex 90+63
D-ELEV          FwP149D         ex 91+22
D-EOMQ          FwP149D         ex 90+30
D-EONA          P149D 		ex 92+16      
D-ETTI          FwP149D 	ex 90+15    
D-EGAW          P2-05 		ex Swiss U-129
LY-ALW/7 	Yak-18T 	ex DOSAAF
RA-2075K 	Yak-52 		ex DOSAAF 101 Yel	c/n 888914 
RA-3370K 	Yak-52 		ex DOSAAF 78 Yel        c/n 899713 
& = Seagull formation

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