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Spangdahlem 1979

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Date: 3 June 1979

Made by: Willy Metze, Joop de Groot

Updated: 19 March 2002

63-7440   SP          F-4C                         52TFW/81TFS 
63-7443   SP          F-4C                         52TFW/81TFS 
63-7596   SP          F-4C                         52TFW/81TFS 
74-1047   SP          F-4E                         52TFW/81TFS 
74-1053   SP          F-4E                         52TFW/81TFS 
69-7579   SP          F-4G                         52TFW/81TFS 
66-7555   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/480TFS 
66-7667   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/480TFS 
66-8745   SP          F-4D                         52TFW/23TFS 
69-0350   ZR          RF-4C                        26TRW/38TRS 
76-0040   BT          F-15A                        36TFW/525TFS 
77-0258   WR          A-10A                        81TFW 
77-0263   WR          A-10A                        81TFW 
72-1444   LN          F-111F                       48TFW 
73-0716   LN          F-111F                       48TFW 
72-1285   38+75       F-4F                         JABOG35 
L2089     20+76       F-104G                       JABOG33 
D481      32+13       G91R3                        JABOG49 
351010    A010        A35XD                        ESK.725 
351157    AT157       SK35XD                       ESK.725 
62-12340  R340        F-104G                       ESK.723/726 
104654    RT654       CF104D                       ESK.723/726 
 1        BA01        MIRAGE VBA                   2EME WG 
A 88      11-MM       JAGUAR A                     EC2/11 VOSGES 
A 93      11-MV       JAGUAR A                     EC2/11 VOSGES 
XX972     DF          JAGUAR GR.MK.1               NO.31 SQN 
XX843     T           JAGUAR T.MK.2                NO.2 SQN 
XV792     N           HARRIER GR.3                 NO.3 SQN 
67-14684              OV-10A                       NO.3 SQN 
64-0555               MC-130E                      7SOS 

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