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Wittmund 2008

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Date: 30 July 2008

Made by: Scramble


38+37 			F-4F 		JG71 #             
37+16                   F-4F            WTD61 $ 
38+02                   F-4F            JG71    
38+49 		        F-4F            JG71 %  
24+85 		        F-104G 		museum           
01+06 "JA+106" 	        CL13B Mk6 	museum        
12+ 		        ME109 		museum            
N268WL 		        A-4N 		BAe flight systems
$ Orange 50 c/s
% special JG71 Rhino c/s

Hangar near platform:
37+75, 37+63 		F-4F 		JG71

Platform BAe flight systems maintenance hangar:
N432FS 			A-4N 		BAe flight systems

Flying 1st Mission:
37+01, 37+85, 37+89 	F-4F 		JG71               
37+92, 38+55, 38+57 	F-4F            JG71               
38+58, 38+64, 38+73 	F-4F            JG71               
N262WL, N431FS 		A-4N            BAe flight systems
N434FS, N437FS 		A-4N            BAe flight systems

38+14 			F-4F 		Outside base         
37+11                   F-4F 		In front of Sq build.
20+86                   F-104G 		Housing area       
JB+251 "JA-112" 	CL13B Mk6 	Housing area
After all this we had an appointment with the air traffic control of
Wittmund. After the coffee we were brought to the control tower,
to make some more action shots.

50+69 			C-160D 		LTG61
The C-160D, made a nice Sarajevo style landing.

Flying 2nd Mission (without A-4N):
38+55, 38+74 		F-4F 		JG71
37+16 			F-4F 		WTD61 $
D-EOJC 			C172P 		Aeroclub

Others at platform/shelter area:
37+88, 38+00, 38+26 	F-4F 		JG71
38+53, 38+61 		F-4F 		JG71

37+26, 37+84, 37+96 	F-4F 		JG71
38+29, 38+45, 38+54 	F-4F 		JG71
38+66, 38+75 		F-4F 		JG71

75-0632 		F-4E 		i/a
24+43 			F-104G 		i/a
This day there was a spottersday organised for the Phantom
50th anniversary. You could assign for this day through
the internet and we had to report ourselves at the kaserne of
Wittmund. We were brought to the field by busses. The weather
was fantastic and after we arrived we saw that they had
foreseen what we wanted. The aircraft were positioned very
nicely without fences and other obstacles. During the morning
there was normal flying activity. Unfortunately you had the
light against you when you were at the runway, but some nice
taxi shots could be made. The static display consisted of some
nicely painted Phantoms which were towed and displayed nice
by the ground crew.

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