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Laarbruch 1982

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Date: 25 August 1982

Made by: Rob de Bie, Joop de Groot


VZ467/01	Meteor F8	1TWU,RAF
XE624/G		Hunter FGA9	1TWU,RAF  
XX493/L	        Jetstream T1	6FTS,RAF  
XZ113/A	        Jaguar GR1	41sqn,RAF 
XZ185	        Lynx AH1	654sqn,AAC
AT-156	        Sk 35XD		725Esk,RDAF       
37+49	        F-4F	        JBG36,WGAF 
35+66	        RF-4E	        AG52,WGAF  
20+75	        F-104G	        JBG31,WGAF 

XV342/T		Buccaneer S2	16sqn,RAFG
XZ108/28	Jaguar GR1	2sqn,RAFG
41+04		Alpha Jet A	JBG43,WGAF	
J-620	        F-16A		311sqn,RNLAF	
D-8065	        RF-104G		306sqn,RNLAF	

VP952		Devon C2	207sqn,RAF
VP971		Devon C2	207sqn,RAF

Near car-parking:
XX766/14	Jaguar GR1	226OCU,RAF

XZ364/18	Jaguar GR1	2sqn,RAFG
XZ362/19	Jaguar GR1	2sqn,RAFG
XZ102/22	Jaguar GR1	2sqn,RAFG
XZ103/23	Jaguar GR1	2sqn,RAFG
XZ104/24	Jaguar GR1	2sqn,RAFG
XZ105/25	Jaguar GR1	2sqn,RAFG
XZ106/26	Jaguar GR1	2sqn,RAFG
XZ107/27	Jaguar GR1	2sqn,RAFG
XZ109/29	Jaguar GR1	2sqn,RAFG
XZ110/30	Jaguar GR1	2sqn,RAFG
XX843/33	Jaguar T2	2sqn,RAFG
XV784/D		Harrier GR3	4sqn,RAFG                      
XZ999/I	        Harrier GR3	4sqn,RAFG                      
XT280/Q	        Buccaneer S2	16sqn,RAFG                     
XV864/S	        Buccaneer S2	16sqn,RAFG or XT276?
XV863/U	        Buccaneer S2	16sqn,RAFG                     
XW543/Y	        Buccaneer S2	16sqn,RAFG                     
XW534/Z	        Buccaneer S2	16sqn,RAFG                     
XV497/A	        Phantom FGR2	19sqn,RAFG                     
XV439/D	        Phantom FGR2	19sqn,RAFG                     
XX967/DA	Jaguar GR1	31sqn,RAFG
XZ387/DN	Jaguar GR1	31sqn,RAFG
XV585/P		Phantom FG1	43sqn,RAF 
XV475/S	        Phantom FGR2	92sqn,RAFG
XV462/U	        Phantom FGR2	92sqn,RAFG
XW221/DE	Puma HC1	230sqn,RAFG
XV213		Hercules C1	LTW,RAF
XV302 or 308	Hercules C1	LTW,RAF
ZA549		Tornado GR1	TWCU,RAF
XX351	        Hawk T1		1TWU,RAF                  
XX496/D	        Jetstream T1	6FTS,RAF          
PZ865	        Hurricane II	BoBMF,RAF
PA474/AJ-G	Lancaster I	BoBMF,RAF
P7350/SH-D	Spitfire IIA	BoBMF,RAF
XX227		Hawk T1		Red Arrows,RAF                
XX251	        Hawk T1	        Red Arrows,RAF        
XX252	        Hawk T1	        Red Arrows,RAF        
XX253	        Hawk T1	        Red Arrows,RAF        
XX257	        Hawk T1	        Red Arrows,RAF        
XX259	        Hawk T1	        Red Arrows,RAF        
XX260	        Hawk T1	        Red Arrows,RAF        
XX264	        Hawk T1	        Red Arrows,RAF        
XX306	        Hawk T1	        Red Arrows,RAF        
XH304	        Vampire T11	Vintage Pair,RAF
WF791	        Meteor T7	Vintage Pair,RAF
XS101	        Gnat T1		                         
20+71	        F-104G		JGB31,WGAF, overshoot
21+78	        F-104G	        JGB31,WGAF, overshoot
21+80	        F-104G	        JGB31,WGAF, overshoot
26+24	        F-104G	        JGB31,WGAF, overshoot

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