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Ramstein 1981

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Date: 31 July - 1 August 1981

Made by: Eric Tammer


114		Mir F1CG	    
138	        Mir F1CG	    
159939	        A7H		345 Mira
161220	        TA7H	        345 Mira        
4818	        CF104	        334skv      
4632	        CF104D	        334skv
211	        F5A	        718skv         
244	        F5B	        718skv         
290	        F16A	        332skv         
302	        F16B	        332skv         
0125	        Da20	        335skv         
BA55	        Mir5BA	        3w          
FA13	        F16A	        1w          
FA32	        F16A	        1w          
ST07	        SF260	                    
ST25	        SF260	                    
ST35	        SF260	                    
J243	        F16A	        322/323sq
J244	        F16A	        322/323sq 
J266	        F16B	        322/323sq 
C7	        F27M	        334sq         
B66	        Bo105	        299sq         
K3024	        NF5A	        315sq         
K4016	        NF5B	        315sq         
K4027	        NF5B	        315sq         
A281	        Alouette 3	Grasshoppers
A350	        Alouette 3	Grasshoppers	                    
A398	        Alouette 3	Grasshoppers	                    
A406	        Alouette 3	Grasshoppers	                    
A499	        Alouette 3	Grasshoppers	                    
35+44	        RF4E	        AG51          
37+88	        F4F	        JG71          
37+82	        F4F	        JG74          
40+63	        Ajet	        JBG49          
51+01	        C160D	        LTG62          
25+13	        F104G	        JBG32          
58+55	        Do28	        JBG32          
mm54441/RS-43 	MB339		RSV
mm54440/RS-42 	MB339		RSV
mm62116/RS-22  	G222		RSV
mm6820/53-03 	F104S		21gr
mm6933/53-14 	F104S		21gr
79-051/BT	F15C		36TFW
79-079/BT	F15C		36TFW
68-020/UH	F111E		20TFW
69-259/SP	F4G		52TFW
77-274/WR	A10A		81TFW
77-251/WR	A10A		81TFW
WB531		Devon		207sq
XZ386 AJ	Jagr		14sq
XZ372 AK	Jagr		14sq
XX963 AL	Jagr		14sq
XX965 AM	Jagr		14sq
104713		CF104		1 CAG	
104770		CF104	        1 CAG      
104826		CF104	        1 CAG   
104760		CF104	        1 CAG      
104815		CF104	        1 CAG   
104822		CF104		1 CAG
94/312-BI 	N2501	               
208/7-JI 	MH1521	               
A21/7-IN 	Jagr	        EC 3/7    
217/30-MK 	Mri F1	        EC 2/30   
03/F-TFVR 	Cap 10	               
3/F-TFVW 	Cap 20	               
17010		OV1D	        73rd MiCo
60220		HC130	        67th SOS
95796		HH53	        67th SOS    
80089		KC135Q	        100th ARW    

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