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Nordholz 2015

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Nordholz SAR meet Spotters day
Date: 15-8-2015
Static SAR Meet:
3E-KX Alouette 3 VeHSSta  
RN01 NH-90NFH 40sq  
101 Mi-17.1V Helikopteru Po  
86+56 Bo105P1 HFWS  
82+59 EC135T1 HFWS  
71+53/SAR, 70+73/SAR UH-1D THR 30  
72+79 UH-1D THR 30  
57+05 Do228NG MFG3  
60+07 P-3C CUP MFG3  
83+18 Super Lynx MK88AMFG5    
89+63, 89+70 Sea King MK41 MFG5  
XV661/CU-26 Sea King HU5 771sq  
D-HHSH AW139 HeliService  
D-IRES59+11 Do28D2 ex 59+11 RK Flugdienst  
D-HCDL EC135P2+ MFG5  
89+50, 89+58, 89+60 Sea King MK41 MFG5  
89+64, 89+66, 89+71 Sea King MK41 MFG5  
89+53, 89+61, 89+69 Sea King MK41 MFG5  
83+06 Super Lynx MK88A MFG5    
57+04 Do228-212(LM) MFG3  
89+67 Sea King MK41 MFG5  
61+03 Br1150 SIGINT wfu nose/cockpit
61+06 Br1150 SIGINT pres at gate  
80+59 H-34G pres as 80+52  


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