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Rhein-Main 1968

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Date: 18 May 1968

Made by: John Dyer


53-3857 	TB-57C 		7407CSW      
53-0355         KC-97L 		136ARG/TX ANG
45-2548         C-117D 		(based)      
53-3279         C-118A 		439MAG       
52-0956         C-124C 		436MAW       
57-0464         C-130A 		40TAS/317TAW 
64-0966         F-4D 		36TFW          
56-3930         F-100F 		401TFW       
56-0101         RF-101C 	66TRW       
56-1260         F-102A 		526FIS       
51-16843 	U-6A 		US Army
57-6094 	U-8D 		US Army
56-0505 	C-130A 		39TAS
64-0516 	C-130E 		61TAS
64-0526 	C-130E 		61TAS
58-1532 	OH-13H 		US Army
51-16841 	U-6A 		US Army
54-1738 	U-6A 		US Army
56-0530 	C-130A 		317TAW
56-0531 	C-130A 		317TAW
56-0534 	C-130A 		317TAW
56-0538 	C-130A 		317TAW

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