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Manching 1970

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Date: 26 September 1970

Made by:


M7069     22+00       F-104G                       JABOG33 
FO8182    24+39       F-104G                       JABOG36/WS10 (CARR. BOTH BGD) 
FO8213R   24+64       RF-104G                      AKG52 
S                     TF-104G                      EST61 
F0055     30+02       G91R3                        EST61 
F0056     30+03       G91R3                        EST61 
F0058     30+05       G91R3                        EST61 
D338      30+76       G91R3                        WS50 
F0036     34+32       G91T3                        EST61 
58- 0454  94+84       T-33A                        EST61 
158293    D9546       OV-10B                       EST61 
154886    84+02       CH-53G                       EST61 
V65-001   84+03       CH-53G                       EST61 
D20       50+12       C160D                        EST61 
605                   MIRAGE IIIE (RECCE. NOSE)    CEV 
XR801                 VISCOUNT                     ETPS 

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