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Nordholz 2013

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Nordholz 100 Jahre Marineflieger
Date: 17-8-2013
1128/Red H Saab 105Oë Düsenfliegertrainerstaffel  
FA110 F-16AM 349 sm $
FB24 F-16BM OCU $
9767, 9837 Mi-171Sh 243.vrl  
S-181 Sea Lynx MK90B Esk 723  
17 Atlantique 2 23F $
46+57 Tornado ECR AG 51 $
50+79 C-160D LTG 63  
60+01 P-3C CUP MFG 3 $
60+05 P-3C CUP MFG 3  
70+88 UH-1D LTG 61 $
71+12/SAR UH-1D nm  
72+27 UH-1D HFR 10  
“80+52”/SAR H-34G is 80+59, std in dispersal  
82+53, 82+62 EC-135T1 HFWS  
84+74 CH-53G nmk  
86+47 Bo 105P1M HFWS  
86+49 Bo 105P1 KHR 26 $
89+65, 89+68, 89+70 Sea King MK41 MFG 5  
LX-N90446 E-3A NAEW&CF  
N-175 NH-90NFH 860sq  
1114 M-28B1R 30 ELMW  
ZA718/BN Chinook HC4 18sq  
XV670/17 Sea King HU5 771sq  
ZZ396 Wildcat HMA2 700Wsq  
D-EGFH Elster ex 97+20 Luftwaffe  
D-EGZR Gomhouria 6 ex 347 Egypt AF  
D-CGFE Learjet 35 GFD  
D-CIDO Do-24ATT Dornier  
D-EAJC Do-27B1 ex Marine 56+24  
D-EFYZ/AS+403 P-149D ex 90+82 Luftwaffe  
D-EGFG L-18C ex 96+02 Luftwaffe  
D-ESBH/ES+BH Me-108 Messerschmitt Stiftung  
D-HCDL EC-135P2+ DL Helicopter Technik  
D-HEGO AS-332L1 Bundespolizei  
D-ICDY/58+89 Do-28D2 RK Flugdienst  
D-ILHD Ce-525 Lufthansa Flight Training  
OH-MVN Do-228.212 Finnish Border Patrol  
PH-GCN Do-228.212 Netherlands Coast Guard  
SE-MAA/501 Dash 8-300 Swedish Coast Guard  
N434FS A-4N BAe FS ex 373 IAF
T7-CAT/908 Yak-52    
N69H Beech D17S ex 43-10848  
“N-321” Hunter T8C DHF ex XF357  
Static behind tower:
45+30 Tornado IDS pres as MFG 2 $
D-FAMT PC-9 EIS Airct GmbH  
Hangar static site:
57+04 Do 228.212(LM) MFG 3  
Hangar static (right bay):
ZZ413 Wildcat HMA2 700Wsq  
Hangar static (center Bay):
“83+55” Lynx i/a  
89+52, 89+53, 89+56 Sea King MK41 MFG 5  
The Sea King 89+56 had its serial taped over and the lynx is a bit off a mystery machine, being probably build out of several airframes.
Hangar static (left bay):
89+51, 89+54, 89+60 Sea King MK41 MFG 5  
89+63, 89+67 Sea King MK41 MFG 5  
The Sea King 89+60 had its serial taped over
Flightline/Hangar (other side runway):
RF-26 Saab 105ÖE Düsentrainerstaffel $
86+51 Bö.105P HFWS (deu flag c/s)  
98+35 Do.228NG MFG 3 £
60+04, 60+07 P-3C CUP MFG 3  
Flightline (Lynx platform):
89+55 Sea king Mk.41 MFG 5 $
89+61 Sea king Mk.41 MFG 5  
83+17, 83+24 Sea Lynx Mk.88AMFG 5    
83+20 Sea Lynx Mk.88AMFG 5 $  
83+18 Sea Lynx Mk.88AMFG 5    
Ceremony Hangar:
“161007” P-3C i/a  
This Orion was seen at Saturday in fron of this Hangar, but was unmarked.
D-IRES Do-28D2 RK Flugdienst ex 59+11
At civil terminal:
D-HEOE BK-117B2 DL Helicopter Technik  
D-HDLH Robinson R44 DL Helicopter Technik  
61+06 Br1150 pres gate, MFG 3 c/s  
£= Also flying
$= Special colours


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