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Kiel-Holtenau 2012

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Kiel-Holtenau MGF-5 fly out event
Date: 23 June 2012
146419 CH-146 424sq  
87+76 Bo105P1M nb  
87+98 Bo105P1M nb $
88+12 Bo105P1M HFVAS100 $
82+62 EC135T1 HFWS  
83+19 S. Lynx Mk88A MFG3 $
79+04 NH90-TTH HSG64  
89+54, 89+61, 89+67 Sea King Mk41 MFG5  
89+55 Sea King Mk41 MFG5 $
71+12, 72+30, 73+08 UH-1D nb  
71+53 UH-1D nb SAR mks
26Blue Mi-8T nmk SAR mks
261/AD SH-14D 860sq  
1009 Mi-14PL 29.elMW  
D-HEGT AS332L1 Bundespolizei  
OY-HML AW139 Bel air  
89+52, 89+62 Sea King Mk41 MFG5  
Maintenance hangar:
89+50, 89+51, 89+56 Sea King Mk41 MFG5  
89+60, 89+63, 89+66 Sea King Mk41 MFG5  
89+70, 89+71 Sea King Mk41 MFG5  
Hangar 91:
89+61 Sea King Mk41 i/a  
On board HMS St. Albans:
ZH863 Merlin HM1 829sq  
Although not fully classified as an airshow, we wanted to share it as this event had some flying activity. Due to the small number of persons on the platforms good pictures were possible and the harbour in the background made a nice scenery. The Merlin was visible on board of the HMS St. Albans and was quite far away.
$ special colours


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