Almiros - Nea Anchialos

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City Almiros
Position 39°13'11"N 022°47'40"E
Runway(s) 08/26
Elevation 83 ft


Nea Anchialos (Νεα Αγχίαλος) houses a wing of F-16 fighters and is situated to the south east of Larisa just east of the national highway 1/E75 near Volos (Βολος) on the Gulf of Pagasitikos. Recently, the airfield was opened for civil use as well and the terminal is situated in the northwest corner of the airfield.


The airfield has three shelter areas. The base is bordered to the north by a long dyke obstructing any views from the Nea Anchialos side of the airfield. The sea lines the eastern perimeter. However, the west and south side do offer some possibilities and the aircraft tend to be parked in front of and between the shelters on flying days. The terminal is tucked away to the northwest of the 08 threshold.

Getting There

From the Athens-Thessaloniki highway take the Almiros (Αλμυρός) exit. To get to spots 2 and 3, when coming from the north go underneath the highway, make a sharp left turn and take the first right. From Athens, make a right after exiting. This road is signposted 'paralya' (παραλία - beach).

To get to spot 1 and the terminal proceed in the direction of Almiros after leaving the highway, take the road northbound to Krokio (Κρόκιο) and make a right under passing the highway and follow the signs to Almiros airport. This viaduct might be closed, in that case proceed further north towards Aïdinio (Αϊδίνιο) and/or Microthives (Μικροθήβες) and cross the highway there and track back on the other side.

From Volos you can also follow the coastal road to Nea Anchialos. From there it is probably easiest to head for Dimitriada (Δημητριάδα) and follow the road along the water and dyke westward. You can also reach spot 4 from this side.

Around the Airport

1West side approach runway 08 and overview

Instead of going underneath the highway head for Almiros and take the road north to Krokio. At Krokio, make a right and under pass the highway and head towards the northeast. You can go all the way to the extended centreline crash gate, but keeping some distance might be wise. Driving up to the fence will yield some more parked F-16's though. Driving up and down this road, which slopes up northward, gives a fairly decent overview of the base and its preserved aircraft. Find a spot to the south of the centreline for landing shots.

This spot might also be reachable from spot 1 and 2 by not taking the road to the beach but heading for the southwest corner of the airbase. There might be a farmland track connecting this road with the one running past the centreline.

2South side views

When you want to punish your car and take in some of the F-16s parked in front of shelters as well as the odd preserved aircraft invisible from the western threshold, venture into the farm tracks that follow the perimeter on the south side. Sometimes this is actually just farmland basically. This spot can also be approached from the east, refer spot 3.

3East side approach runway 26 seaside

After exiting the highway and taking the road towards the beach, make a left on a fairly decent track when you see a lone house in the distance. This road will lead to a small bridge, make a right after that and head for the deserted house near the shore. From there you can walk along the shoreline towards the landing. There is a guard tower but this is rarely manned. Distance is too far for decent photography. If you want to reach spot 2 from here, go back over the bridge to the main road again and take the path into the farmland when the road bends left.

4East side approach runway 26 north side

From Nea Anchialos you can go to Dimitriada (Δημητριάδα) and head southeast to the beach and walk to the perimeter. Obviously, you will be against the light from this side.


The terminal might offer distant views of the southwest shelter area and south side preserved aircraft. This needs confirmation though and the police will probably be present there as well.



Based Operators

111 PM
330 MiraF-16C/D-30
341 Mira HARMF-16C/D-50
347 Mira LANTIRNF-16C/D-50
111 PM SMETF-16C/D-30, F-16C/D-50


689073F-5A, SW gate nr civil terminal
689077F-5A, on base nr HQ bld
26831F-84F, on base nr HQ bld
19448CL-13 Sabre 2, on base nr HQ bld
34916/TR-916T-33A, on base nr HQ bld
38416F-5A, on base nr 341 Mira bld
10542F-5A, stored NW side (blue c/s)
22550F-5A, stored NW side (blue/grey cs)
89080F-5A, stored NW side (desert c/s)
088F-5B, stored NW side (green/brown c/s)
89070, 689072F-5A, stored NE side (blue c/s)
89079F-5A, stored NE side (blue c/s)
68-0318F-4E, stored on base
68-0412F-4E, preserved opposite 330 Mira area
26425F-84F, dumped near 330 Mira area

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