Airfield Guide
ICAO Code:ETHLInfo Last Validated:dec10
City:LaupheimPosition:48°13'12"N 009°54'37"E
Runway(s):03/21 (grass), 09/27Elevation:1766 ft

This German Air Force helicopter base is located in the south of the country and is home to an army unit.


The layout is triangular. The base of the triangle is formed by the main runway, bordered to the south by the main ramp and CH-53 hangars. The north eastern leg holds more large hangars, predominantly for maintenance. The northwestern leg consists of a grass runway / manoeuvring area. Lastly, the northwest corner holds an aero club with some German warbirds.

Getting There

Laupheim can be reached by taking the 30 highway from Ulm to Biberach and taking the southern exit to Laupheim and Baustetten, you have to get on the L265 road to Baustetten. This is the Hauptstrasse and from that you have to make a left onto the Bühlerstaige/Bühlerweg. This road continues to the airfield.

Alternatively, go north after leaving the 30, also taking the L265 road which is called Biberacher strasse. Take the first to the right, you should be on road K7582 Weihertalstrasse. Also, the Laupheimerstrasse is going north from Baustetten itself and leads to the K7582 road as well. All this will bring you close to spot 1 (refer).

Around The Airport
Western approach and ramp view

Arriving from the west along the K7582 Weihertalstrasse, you can make a left turn onto K7516, Walpertshofenstrasse. Just past the fence there is a road leading north, the K7518. Take this road and make a right on a small farm road. From that position you can see some of the southern ramps.

Southwestern ramp view

Just before you reach the threshold, there is a large parking lot. Try to get to the far left corner of the parking area and you will be able to have a view of the west side of the southern ramps.

Runway 27 view

While travelling the K7582 Eastwards, you can turn left just after passing the perimeter fence. When the paved road turns to the right you can park your car and walk towards the fence. From here you can make very interesting photos.

Eastside ramp view and approach

After you pass the aero club and threshold of runway 21 on the K7517, go right just when the fence line ends. After a couple of metres the paved road becomes a farmland track. Head straight on behind the hangars, follow the track to the left. From several places along the fence you can read off CH-53s. Both outside and parked nose on in the hangars; provided they are open, obviously.

Northern ramp view and approach

Go westward on K7517 and you will pass behind the north side hangars. To the northwest of that you will get to the threshold of runway 21, this is a grass strip and hard to see. Additional views of the hangars and north side ramps can be had and incoming helicopters on the small runway can be spotted.

Northwestern ramp view

Lastly, you might try your luck at the small aero club in the far northwest corner of the airfield. Just before the K7517 meets the K7518, you can look straight into their hangar and on their ramp. Usually, one or two civilianized Do27s can be found here.

Spot 1 offers a fine location for detail shot. (Alex Klingelhöller)
This CH-53 was shot from spot 3. (Alex Klingelhöller)
  • 138.750 / 376.100
    Lima Tower
  • 119.200 / 138.450
    Lima Radar
  • 281.350 / 371.800
    Lima Radar
  • CH-53GA
  • Alouette, at the gate
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