Brief history
The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), is the official ruling body of the predominantly Kurdish Autonomous Region of Northern Iraq referred to as (Iraqi) Kurdistan. The Autonomous Region gained de facto independence in October 1991 and the full sovereignty of Kurdistan was recognized by the Iraqi transitional administrative law on 30 January 2005. The elected president of Kurdistan is the commander-in-chief of the Peshmerga Armed Forces. Erbil (Hewlêr in Kurdish) is the capital of the Autonomous Region.

Armed forces and Police forces

Kurdistan Region Security Agency (Asayish)
Asayish (Kurdish for security) is a security organization and the primary intelligence agency operating in Kurdistan. The organization was established in September 1993 and gathers intelligence, provided policing, acts as a security force as well as a secret service. It acts under the command of the Kurdish National Assembly and the Kurdistan Regional Government and seems mainly oriented towards the KDP = Kurdistan Democratic Party (Partiya Demokrata Kurdistanê). The Asayish operates a number of EC135 helicopters and AutoGyro Europe MTO Sport from Erbil/Hewlêr International and Arbat. The origins of the helicopters and AutoGyros are unclear but they seem to have followed the same “The 7 Group” path as the KRG Traffic Police helicopters and Gyros (acquired on the civilian marked and transferred to the Asayish). The serial system of the Asayish aircraft (prefixed 'CT') suggests the name of the organization's air wing: Counter Terrorism Unit.

Lexoman Parastin - Dzha Tirorr
In May 2015 two Eurocopter AS350B3 helicopters were delivered to this Counter Terrorism force that operates out of As Sulaymaniyah/Sulaimani, that is nicknamed "Kurdish Tiger Force". Besides these helicopters, it also operates a number of AutoGyro Europe MTO sport. This unit seems to be mainly oriented towards the PUK = Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (Yekêtiy Nîstimaniy Kurdistan).

KRG Police
In 2013, KRG Police Forces ordered twelve MD530F helicopters for police and fire-fighting duties as well as two MD902s Explorer helicopters for VIP transport. All were delivered in April 2014 and are operating out of Erbil/Hewlêr International Airport. In May 2015 one MD500E was delivered by Red Air Helicopters LLC, Nevada (USA).

KRG Traffic Police
The KRG Traffic Police is basically run by Ras al-Khaimah, United Arab Emirates, based company “The 7 Group”. The Traffic Police force was formed in 2009 when The 7 Group owner and Entrepreneur Andi Siebenhofer delivered a number of Gyrocopters. In 2011 the Gyrocopters, fourteen AutoGyro Europe MTOsport and two Calidus 09, were augmented by four EC120B helicopters. All are operating out of the airports of Erbil/Hewlêr and Arbat, south-east of Sulaymaniyah. Until early 2015 the aircraft operated by the KRG Traffic Police were either wearing former ASC registrations (for the Gyrocopters) or the previous civilian registrations (for the EC120B). In 2015 they were, however, assigned official Iraqi civilian registrations in the YI-DAx range.

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