The Counter Terrorism forces of Kurdistan (Asayisa Herema Kurdistane = Kurdistan Region Security Agency) operates four EC135 helicopters.

Arbat (--)

RWY 17/35     POS 35°24'13"N 045°37'55"E     ELEV 2009 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
? sq Ikarus C42A (~4)
The Ikarus C42A are operated from Arbat where very recently a new airfield was constructed that is not visible on Google Earth. See for a satellite view.

At least four Comco Ikarus C42A seem to have been used by the Kurdish forces. MSN's delivered to Iraq in 2006 by Comco Ikarus GmbH: 0509-6741, 0509-6742, 0509-6743, 0509-6744 and 0509-6746.

Internet photo

The Lexoman Parastin - Dzha Tirorr forces are known to have received some AutoGyro Europe MTO Sport. The Asayisa Counter Terrorism Unit also operates the type.

Kurdish Aviation Team- The 7 Group

Bashur (ORBR)

RWY 14/32     POS 36°32'03"N 044°20'23"E     ELEV 2032 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Under development TBD
Harir/Bashur is an airfield that is under re-development since 2016.
Erbil/Intl (ORER)

RWY 15/33, 18/36     POS 36°14'17"N 043°56'48"E     ELEV 1363 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Asayisa/Counter Terrorism Unit EC135 (4)
AutoGyro Europe MTO sport (~2)
Sulaymaniyah Intl (ORSU)
Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Lexoman Parastin - Dizha Tirorr AS350B3+ (2)
AutoGyro Europe MTO sport (~2)
Lexoman Parastin has the nickname "Kurdish Tiger Force", hence the identification of the AS350B3 as "Tiger 01", Tiger 02", etc.

The AS350B3+ helicopters are also operated for the local Security Directorate (SWAT).

Two AS350B3 helicopters are operated by Lexoman Parastin (Dzha Tirorr) from As Sulaymaniyah.

Kurdish Aviation Team- The 7 Group

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