Kurdistan Traffic Police

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In late 2011 the KRG Traffic Police received four EC120B Colibri helicopters.

The 7 Group

Duhok (--)

RWY HEL     POS 36°50'22"N 043°01'28"E     ELEV 2185 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Traffic Police EC120B
In the south-east corner of Duhok, the Traffic Police forward-operates a number of EC120B helicopters from their main base in Erbil/Hewler.
Erbil/Intl (ORER)

RWY 15/33, 18/36     POS 36°14'17"N 043°56'48"E     ELEV 1363 ft

Squadron Aircraft Type(s) Badge
Traffic Police/The 7 Group EC120B (4)
Calidus 09 Gyro (2)
AutoGyro Europe MTO Sport (14)

Fourteen AutoGyrop Europe MTO Sport are operated from Arbat and Erbil airports.

The 7 Group

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