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City Leiden
Position 52°10'11"N 004°25'34"E
Runway(s) 05/23, 16/34
Elevation 0 ft


This base used to be the home of the Dutch Navy MARPAT squadron with the Lockheed P-3C Orion. However this base is about to close completely. In the future the area will be used to build houses. The VIP and Royalty flights that normally came to this base now moved to primarily Rotterdam and to some degree to Schiphol airport. A good sight at the flightline and platform is possible due to the fact that there are very few trees and buildings obstructing the view. Until summer 2006 regular test flight of Orions can be seen here on Tuesday and Thursdays.

Getting There

A bus service (90) from Haarlem to Den Haag stops at the main gate junction and near spot 3 and 4. Another bus (32) runs from Leiden to Valkenburg and calls in the village. Just get out after passing the landing lights and walk a little towards the airfield for spot 1 and 2 (5 minutes).

Around the Airport

1Landing Runway 23

The first spot is the landing of Runway 23. As multiple good spots are available on either side of the extended centerline, good landing shots are possible at almost every time of day. Several nice spots with different angles can be found here, just explore a little and will surely find a spot you like.

2The Flightline

From this spot you have a good view of the flightline. The crashgate is the closest you can get from outside and it allows nice shots of taxiing aircraft, as they pass close by. At the end of the day the gate is used as a base exit for 30 minutes, but security won't bother you as long you don't bother them... At the road leading to the crashgate, parking is prohibited. Make sure to park right in order to avoid a ticket.

3Along the Taxiway

Spot number three is at the other side of the field. After passing the junction to the main gate (where the preserved Neptune is parked), follow the main road for about 900meters until you pass a former hotel. Enter the narrow road to the left of it and drive all the way to the end. Here you will find a nice spot for taxishots, but unfortunately, no view of the platforms and most of the time the sun in your face.

4Landing 05

This is the landing at the other end of the runway, the 05 side. Here you can also take position on either side of the approach, so the sun is no problem.

5Along Runway 05

The last spot is near the threshold of Runway 05, from where nice line-up and touchdown shots are possible. The sun should be no problem as it is behind you most of the day.

Altough the base is about to close, you can still see some Orions now and then performing training flights. This picture taken at spot 1 on 19 march 2006, Photo Iwan Bogels

Altough the base is about to close, you can still see some Orions now and then performing training flights. This picture taken at spot 1 on 19 march 2006, Photo Iwan Bogels

It is still possible to make nice pictures at Valkenburg. But not for long.. This is one is near spot5

Jaco Haasnoot


127.025Rotterdam Approach
281.05Rotterdam Approach
121.2Schiphol Approach (outside Rotterdam hours)
339.475Schiphol Approach (outside Rotterdam hours)

More Info

SVVSThe Valkenburg spotters society
P-3 Orion Research GroupEverything about the Orion
Valkenburg TowerLive Air Traffic Control of Valkenburg Tower

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