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by Arjan
02 Feb 2007, 14:28
Forum: Ramstein
Topic: Ramstein (ETAR/RMS) - 2007
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Hi all, I paid a visit to Spangdahlem with Polleke yesterday and decided to walk along the fence to the eastern approach. It appears that the USAF decided to chop down some of the woods to clear approach path, however the wind got hold on the rest of the trees and now the entire approach is clear of...
by Arjan
30 Jan 2007, 21:25
Forum: Messages from & to Scramble
Topic: Nieuwe Scramble cover voor 332 !!
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Tja, ik vind het ook niet meer de oude scramble maar hij is nog wel erg informatief. Het is zeker jammer dat ons blaadje veranderd van "nummer-gericht" naar tekst maar dat is op zich niet zo een ramp. Alles is altijd aan verandering onderhevig en over het algemeen is dat ook een gezond gegeven. Ik l...
by Arjan
26 Jan 2007, 13:33
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Woensdrecht (EHWO/WOE) - 2007
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EHWO 26-1-2007

Hi All,

Around 11.40 today I drove past Woensdrecht. At that time 4 x F-16's flew overhead the A58 highway and were apparently in the landing pattern. Can anyone shine a light on the identities of these aircraft.

Many thanks,

by Arjan
17 Jan 2007, 12:08
Forum: Spotting Eire & UK
Topic: Mildenhall (EGUN/MHZ) - 2007
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Mildenhall (EGUN/MHZ) - 2007

Hi all, Somehow I have been able to avoid Mildenhall for a long time now but the blood got running again lately and I want to visit the Hall together with Polleke somewhere in april. Is there someone who can shed light upon the common flight schedules there. When is it the best time visit concerning...
by Arjan
04 Jan 2007, 16:38
Forum: Spotting Netherlands
Topic: Volkel (EHVK/UDE) - 2007
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Small log Volkel 04/01/2007

Hi all, A small log from Volkel, seen between 13.45h and 14.00h. F-16A J-515 311 Squadron F-16A J-874 312 Squadron F-16A J-647 No Markings F-16A J-001 312 Squadron F-16A J-199 313 Squadron F-16A J-016 312 Squadron F-16A J-508 No markings F-16A J-011 312 Squadron F-16A J-009 313 Squadron F-16B J-065 ...