Airfield Guide
Viña del Mar (Torquemada)
ICAO Code:SCVM/KNAInfo Last Validated:mar10
City:Viña del MarPosition:32°56'59"S 071°28'43"W
Runway(s):05/23Elevation:461 ft

Viña del Mar is the prime naval aviation base of Chile. It also has a small civil area.


The airfield is on top of a hill and has a east-west runway. The Chilean navy resides on the north west part whereas the civil ramp is on the south west side. The aero club uses a small ramp on the south side.

Getting There

Although the airfield is known as Viña del Mar it is actually just east of Concón, north of Viña del Mar along highway no.6. The base is called Torquemada.

Around The Airport
South west side approach

Biggest issue here is the fact that the airfield is in a hilly and bushy terrain and a busy highway runs along the west side. Besides, the western and northern adjacent area is a military practice ground. The embankment offers views of the approach, you can reach this by taking the gravel track that starts just after the bend.

South west side ramp

By taking the exit to the aero club and naval base, signposted just before a sharp left corner in the road, you will drive along the southern perimeter. Th civil ramp is within touching distance, which is significant as it is often used for engine runs by the naval aircraft. It also offers some distant views of military ramps, albeit with back light.

Military Aero club

Proceed from spot 2 past the ramp on the gravel track to the military aero club. There is a pole and a sign stating it is government property. This track will take you opposite the navy's main ramp at a better angle and a bit closer than spot 2 too.

Gateguards and ramp edge

The next exit off road 60 is the main gate. From there you can see most of the preserved aircraft parked on base between the buildings. You can also see the south westernmost tip of the ramp, potting a couple of PC-7s is usually possible.

Approach runway 23 - cemetery

Continue morth past the main gate. The road will go up and down, bending right towards the east. There is a small signpost 'cemeterio' at the road leading to a cemetery. From the graveyard parking lot, distant views of runway 23 approach are possible. Only larger aircraft can be photographed with at least 400mm digital.

Sometimes naval aircraft use the civil ramp to perform engine runs. This shot was taken from the airfield access road, actually somehwat west of spot 2. (March 2010, Erwin van Dijkman)
If you are lucky, the flying helicopters turn tight passing the civil terminal. Back light the whole day at spot 2 though, it is the southern hemisphere remember... (March 2010, Erwin van Dijkman)
  • 121.850
  • 118.400
  • 128.100
    Santiago Approach
  • SH-32 (AS332B

    HH-65 (AS365N)
  • PC-7
  • SH-32 (AS332B

    HH-65 (AS365N)
  • Bell 206B

    UH-05 (Bo105CBS)
  • C212-100

  • EMB111AN

    C295MPA (o/o)


  • PC-7 (on loan from EAN)
  • Ce150M


  • PC-7 (entrance road)
  • Bell 47G (gate, pole mounted)
  • C-45 (gate)
  • EMB111AN (gate)
  • PC-7 (gate, pole mounted)
  • UP-3A (gate)
  • R4D-5 (gate)
  • EMB110CN
  • T-34B
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