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Last Validated Mar 2010
City Quintero
Position 32°47'27"S 071°31'18"W
Runway(s) 01/19
Elevation 12 ft


Quintero is a very old base military with lots of heritage. It has been refurbished recently and houses various air force units without aircraft. The helicopters of Grupo 9 are said to move in here.


The airfield has a single north-south strip. The buildings and ramps are in the far northwest corner bordering the beach.

Getting There

The airfield is perched on the beach. From the F-30 northbound road out of Quintero take the Camino A Quintero. This is left at the Juan Pablo II statue. This road runs south along the airfield perimeter.

Around the Airport

1South side approach - a.m.

Simply drive a little bit into the track along the fence.

2South side approach - p.m.

After 14.00 reposition yourself further along the main road, just after the bend.

3Ramp view

Follow the road into the beach side town. As soon as you can see the sea on your right, and the large hangar, make a right. From the old jetty for seaplanes you are smack in front of the ramp and hangar.

4North side approach

From the north side simply pick your spot somewhere along the waterfront.



Based Operators

Regimiento de Artillería Antiaéreano a/c


722Hunter FGA71A

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